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Videos from Purgatory #29: The Bus Boys - Boys Are Back

Yes, believe it or not besides the Glamish Metal Sound Barrier and the Jazz/Funk/Alt-Metal of Living Colour there was yet another predominantly-Black Rocking Band in the mid 80's... and that group was The Bus Boys!

Some may or may not remember, as is mentioned in this video, that the Bus Boys actually appeared in Eddie Murphys first film "48 Hours" as the house band during a Bar Scene. They also toured with Eddie on his second comedy album "Delirious". And they managed to land a spot on a Beer Comercial with their 50's style of Rock and

Promo Video

"Cleaning up the Town" - Video from Ghostbusters.

"American Workers" Live.

Brother Brian O'Neal (Piano/Vocals) and Kevin O'Neal (Bass) formed the center of the group with, Gus Louderman (vocals), Mike Jones (keyboards, vocals), Victor Johnson (guitar), and Steve Felix (drums). After 11 years touring and recording the "Novelty" of essentially being a "Retro" act wore off and the group eventually broke up. I knew Kevin in my time in the BRC as director of it's orchestra and you can see him being interviewed in various scenes from the "Black Rock Cafe" documentary. Brian went on for form a Hard Rock Sunset Strip Band called Black Bart which released one Indie Record "Bootleg Breakout". The one I knew best was Victor Johnson, who trust me was and is a seriously BADASS guitarist. He joined with Bernie K. and Dave Brown from Sound Barrier to create Total Eclipse which was real MUTHA FUCKA of a live band. Imagine Scorpions meet King's X, Led Zeppelin and Mother's Finest with a big lump of GROOVE.

TE was signed and did release one record before the label turned right around in the middle of their tour and dropped them. Victor eventually landed a new gig with Sammy Hagar and has been with the Waboritas pretty much ever since the mid 90's.

Judging by the Promo video I found above, it looks like Brian has reformed the group with all new members and is out touring again - good luck to him.


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