Friday, March 19

Targeted by the Tea Party: Parkinson's Hero Speaks

Bob, the man with Parkinson's who was targeted by the Tea Partiers, sat down with ProgressOhio for an interview. He is 60 years old and was first diagnosed with Parkinsons 15 years ago. He has two masters degrees and a Ph.D. from Cornell. He taught at the University of Michigan and worked as a nuclear engineer.

Bob was able to have a $150,000 surgery that greatly increased his quality of life, thanks to Medicare and the Cleveland Clinic. He attended the event in Columbus because he believes in giving back and thinks everyone should have access to affordable health insurance and quality health care.

Thursday, March 18

Tea Partiers Mock And Scorn Apparent Parkinson's Victim

This is what the Tea Parties are really about and just what the really think of the Sick and Needy

"No More Hand-Outs!!"