Thursday, July 30

Videos from Purgatory #23: Brand New Immortals - Reaons Why

In his third appearance - so far - in Electric Purgatory we have David Ryan Harris' second signed band the Brand New Immortals with their song "Reasons Why".

Some great lines in this song.

Sweet Talk will work until you find out how bad it rots out your teeth.


Stick Figure Man with No Backbone, your brand new favorite toy - you teach but he'll never learn - and that brings you joy

Eventually the Immortals broke up and David has returned to solo work (Meaning back to R&B when he "belongs') when he isn't backing up John Maher. If you look at what he's already done with Follow For Now, then Brand New immortals, working with Dionne Farris and this example of some of his solo work - I often wonder exactly who should be backing up who?


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