Friday, July 31

Videos from Purgatory #26: Sound Barrier - Rock Without the Roll

Five years before Living Colour debut in 1983 there was another all-black band on the scene, Sound Barrier featuring Berie K (Kimbal) on vocals, Spacey T (Tracey Singleton) on guitar, Stanley E. on Bass and Dave (Skavido) Brown on Drums. These guys certainly didn't sound like Kool and the Gang, more like Krokus and Iron Maiden.

Eventually releasing three albums, the first Total Control on MCA failed to reach an audience. The second Born to Rock, they put out on their own indepedent label and the third Speed of Light on Restless Records. Eventually the band broke up in 1987, about a year later Living Colour's "Cult of Personality" was on the air.

Rather than run away an hide, I actually met (and roadied) for Bernie K's next band Total Eclipse which featured Dave Brown from Sound Barrier along with two former members of The Bus Boys, Victor Johnson (Guitar) and Andre Berry (Bass). Guitarist Spacey T has since been in a number of groups Mother's Finest to Fishbone and his most recent group Year of the Dragon.


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