Tuesday, July 28

Videos from Purgatory #21: Moke - My Degeneration

Moke is an English Band (yet again, from the Brits) featuring lead vocalist John Hogg - and frankly they ROCKED THA HOUSE! Releasing Four Albums since 1998 and eventually touring America with King's X.

Slide Live at the Hollywood House of Blues (opening for King's X)

This is how their first album "Superdrag" was reviewed on AllMusic.com

Moke's 1998 debut album is hyper-eclectic, mixing a strong love for Led Zeppelin (à la compatriots Reef) with hints of rap-rock, blues, reggae, and of course classic rock. Superdrag often sounds like a Perry Ferrell take on Rage Against the Machine. Standout tracks include "Down" and "Wheel in Motion." The British press heralded Moke as one of Britain's most promising guitar groups and NME labeled them "Blues Against the Machine." Moke is also supposedly a hit with Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown. Produced by Dave Eringa (Manic Street Preachers) and engineered by Nick Terry (Primal Scream), Superdrag was recorded with authentic equipment from the '50s and '60s and the vibe is noticeable. A strong debut.

Here's the review of their 2004 CD "Carnival".

With the barrage of U.K. bands that have assaulted U.S. shores ever since Oasis hit big, you'd think the world would need another Brit-pop band like it needs another hole in the ozone. But this London-based quartet not only has the hype that most such bands seem to be surrounded by, it also has songwriting chops to back it up. The raucous opening cut, "My Degeneration," rides a balls-to-the-wall 4/4 rhythm tailor-made for arenas, then adds infectious singalong vocals and the type of rawk guitar solo you thought nobody played anymore; at just under three minutes, it's a perfect summer anthem. "Liar" is almost as infectious, with an ambient funk groove that devolves into a grinding guitar riff Rick Rubin would love. The songs do tend to get a bit same-y at times, and some of the tunes are a bit uneven in spots, but there are more than enough solid hooks here to make Moke one of Britain's better recent exports.

You'd think with reviews like that these guys would have actually made an impression on people - apparently not. I wonder what the issue could have been? How much more than Fracking Badass did they need to be?


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