Thursday, December 2

Rep. Steve King and his S-U-P-E-(R) Racist Reparations Dog Whistles!

There are times when calling a Right Winger "Racist" for their words or their actions back fires. Because many actual Racists like to hide their true motivations - because it would have legal ramifications - looking for them can become like searching for the needle in the haystack, and discovering what you think is one can turn you into "Chicken Little" with the Sky Failing.

Soon the accuser because the accused in a game of "I know you are but - What am I?" - which brings us to Steve King, where I highly doubt this will be one of those times.

First he called the President "Very Very Urban" for no apparent reason, while calling the Pigford II Discrimination Claims "Slave Reparations".

Wednesday, December 1

GOP Holds America Hostage for Paris Hilton's Tax Cut

Wanna see what Monday's failure to extend Unemployment Benefits Means for over 2 Million Americans?


Katie: I got my check today and it's my last one. I don't know what we're going to do... I don't know what we're going to do.

The Non-Partisan Congressional Budget Office has clearly stated the the most stimulative thing that the government can do, is put cash in the hands of those who will immediately go out and spend that cash on gas, food, rent and their mortgage payment.

They even made a handy dandy graph of the comparative effects of eleven different policy options. See?

Add some chalk and it's something even Glenn Beck could understand. As you can see the least stimulative - I repeat the Least Stimulative - option on the list is reducing income taxes.

Tuesday, November 30

Eat the Rich, Because They've got all the Meat

We have a new batch of Republicans in Congress now, and boy are the up in arms about deficits and spending, however they all seem to have a curious idea about Taxes. They seem to think that Reaganomics and the Laffer Curve actually work and that by cutting taxes - you can boost the economy and increase revenue.

But that's just a snare and a delusion.

Monday, November 29

What Run Away Spending?

Day in and day out we've heard the refrain that Washington has a Run-Away Spending problem. This has been the mantra of the Tea Party since it's inception and the mantra of nearly every Republican in Congress whose one lone goal has been - "To Cut Spending." This they argue must be done to reduce the "Mounting Dept heaped onto the backs of our children" - yet when you actually look at the current deficit projections after the first two years of the Obama Presidency, that deficit is actually Shrinking Already.

Contrary to popular myth, the rise in the deficit began before Obama's Presidency at the beginning of FY 2009 and is currently on track to be cut IN HALF to about $700 Billion by the end of his first term. This year the deficit has been reduced from over $1.5 Trillion to approximately $1.2 Trillion which is a $300 Billion Improvement.