Friday, November 30

The End of America meets O'Reilly

It's truly amazing to me that Kascich, who is a former Congressman, apparently doesn't know that the Secret Prisons were revealed in 2005 by the Washington Post and there are *Not* Gitmo. Some of them literally are in the Gulag's of the former Soviet Union.

He doesn't know that the CIA has openly admitted to using internationally banned techniques such as Waterboarding. They aren't just "holding" these combatants, they're torturing them.

He mentions that the courts have ruled against the President, but he doesn't seem to recognize that they ruled that "Enemy Combatants" ARE protected by Geneva.

If we've tortured them, and we have, it was (and is) a War Crime.

When Naomi mentions the rise of "private armies" - Kascich honestly doesn't think - Blackwater? C'mon. He knows better, he's just doing his good little Fox Faux News Duty of trying to backfill and cover Bush's well exposed hiney.

Typical. Pitiful. And Total Fox.


Naomi Wolf on O'Reilly with Kasich

It's really amazing to me that this guys is a former Congressman and he doesn't even know about the Secret Prisons that were reported in the Washington Post in 2005.

These are NOT Guantanemo, they literally are in some cases - the Gulags of the former Soviet Union. They are "like" a Gulag - they're the original, real deal.

It shouldn't be a surprise to him that the CIA has openly admitted that it has tortured suspects and used techniques such as waterboarding which isn't similuated drowning - It's Real Drowning.

He should already know that the Supreme Court has determined that "Enemy Combatants" are indeed covered by the Geneva Conventions.

The Shock Doctrine

The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein.

An economic and social strategy that was first pioneered by dictator and human rights criminal Agustus Pinoche? No wonder things have been slowly slip-sliding thier way to hell over the hal dozens years.

Monday, November 26

Denzel Torture Speach from The Seige