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Bush accused of War Crimes

I think it may be a bit pre-mature as I still believe the Dems need to hold their fire until the mid-term elections - but apparently Rep John Conyers continues to take the bull by the horns and has now requested an independent investigation of the commission of War Crimes by the President and his staff - as reported by Raw

Unfortunately the person he needs to make the request to, is Alberto Gonzales - requestor of the Bybee Torture Memos.

Congressman John Conyers will be issuing a letter cosigned by roughly 50 House members calling for a special prosecutor to investigate claims that the U.S. has violated the War Crimes Act at secret detention facilities in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay, RAW STORY has learned.

The following letter will be issued shortly, as will the signatories.



May 12, 2005

The Honorable Alberto R. Gonzales
Attorney General of the United States
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530

Dear Mr. Attorney General:

We are writing to request that you appoint a special counsel to investigate whether high-ranking officials within the Bush Administration violated the War Crimes Act, 18 U.S.C. 2441, or the Anti-Torture Act, 18 U.S.C. 2340 by allowing the use of torture techniques banned by domestic and international law at recognized and secret detention sites in Iraq, Afghanistan Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere.

One year and 10 investigations after we first learned about the atrocities committed at Abu Ghraib, there has yet to be a comprehensive, neutral and objective investigation with prosecutorial authority of who is ultimately responsible for the abuses there and elsewhere. While more than 130 low-ranking officers and enlisted soldiers have been disciplined or face courts-martial for the abuses that occurred, there have been no criminal charges against high-ranking officials. Yet the pattern of abuse across several countries did not result from the acts of individual soldiers who broke the rules. It resulted from decisions made by senior U.S. officials to bend, ignore, or cast rules aside. If the United States is to wipe away the stain of Abu Ghraib, it needs to investigate those at the top who ordered or condoned torture. As a result, it is in our interest to finally show the world that we are taking these matters seriously and resolving them free of political taint.

Some of us previously asked Attorney General Ashcroft to appoint a special counsel to investigate these abuses on May 20, 2004. Unfortunately, we received no answer to our request. The need for a special counsel is now more important than ever as the Administration and military have repeatedly exonerated high-ranking officials, or declined to even investigate their actions, even as other official investigations linked the policy decisions by these officials to the crimes that occurred at Abu Ghraib. The Administration's haphazard and disjointed approach to these investigations appears to have insulated those in command and prevented a full account of the actions and abuses from being determined.

As you know, under Department of Justice regulations, the Attorney General must appoint a special counsel when (1) a "criminal investigation of a person or matter is warranted," (2) the investigation "by a United States Attorney Office or litigating Division of the Department of Justice would present a conflict of interest for the Department," and (3) "it would be in the public interest to appoint an outside Special Counsel to assume responsibility for the matter."1 In the present case, all three requirements have been met.

First, federal criminal laws are clearly implicated. The Anti-Torture Act criminalizes acts of torture - including attempts to commit torture and conspiracy to commit an act of torture - occurring outside the United States' territorial jurisdiction regardless of the citizenship of the perpetrator or victim.2 The Geneva Conventions generally prohibit "violence to life and persons," "outrages upon personal dignity," and "humiliating and degrading treatment."3 Violations of the Geneva Conventions also constitute a violation of U.S. federal criminal law under the War Crimes Act.4 The Administration has acknowledged on several occasions that the United States is bound by the Geneva Conventions with respect to Iraqi5 and Taliban prisoners,6 and that a violation of the Conventions would invite prosecution under the War Crimes Act.7 Numerous investigations have uncovered such violations. The Taguba report found instances of "sadistic, blatant and wanton criminal abuses" of prisoners.8 The Army's Inspector General's report found 94 incidents of detainee abuse at detention sites in Afghanistan and Iraq.9 And, the Schlesinger report confirmed five instances in which detainees died as a result of abuse by U.S. personnel during interrogations.10 The repudiation of the August 2002 memorandum you wrote as White House Counsel in December of 2004 suggests even the Administration realizes its policies contributed to actions which violated federal criminal law.11

Therefore, given the Administration's concession that the Geneva Conventions apply to Iraqi and Taliban prisoners, given its concession in the Gonzalez memo that a violation of the Conventions would also constitute a violation of federal criminal law, and given the flagrant violations of the Conventions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo Bay which have been confirmed by official investigations, it is clear that a prima facie violation of federal criminal law exists. It is also evident that high-ranking Administration officials, including the Defense Secretary, as well as high-ranking military officials, may have authorized these actions and are potentially subject to criminal prosecution as well.

Second, there is an obvious conflict of interest. A special counsel is necessary not only because high-ranking Administration officials, including Cabinet members, are implicated, but also because you personally, and the Department of Justice generally, may have participated in this conspiracy to violate the War Crimes Act. It has been confirmed that the Department of Justice's Office of Legal Counsel, and you yourself as White House Counsel, encouraged the president to withhold Geneva Convention protections from Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay detainees. If the conflict of interest provisions in your regulations mean anything, it is that when the Attorney General may have contributed to the abuses that were committed, the Department of Justice has no business conducting the investigation and should instead turn to a special counsel.

Finally, there can be no doubt that the public interest will be served by a broad and independent investigation into both the allegations of abuse at U.S. detention sites as well as the role of high-ranking officials in authorizing and allowing these abuses. To date, a number of investigations into allegations of abuse at United States detention sites have been conducted, including ten official investigations. These investigations concluded that the leadership failure of officers such as Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, formerly the senior commander in Iraq, contributed to the prisoner abuse.

For example, the Army Inspector General and former Defense Secretary James Schlesinger found in separate reports that the policies issued by Lt. Gen. Sanchez and his subsequent actions once the abuses at Abu Ghraib were known contributed to the perpetration of these abuses. The Schlesinger investigation also found that other top military officials were responsible, concluding, "There is both institutional and personal responsibility at higher levels."12 Similarly, the Kern-Fay-Jones report concluded that the actions of Sanchez and his most senior deputies, such as Maj. Gen. Walter Wojdakowski, "did indirectly contribute" to some abuses.13 However, these inquiries were not empowered to impose punishments on those it found culpable, and they were not empowered to examine the role of high-ranking officials, including members of the Administration, in the perpetuation of these abuses.14 And, in spite of these findings, many of the reports refused to hold these high-ranking officials culpable. In fact,

The Honorable Alberto R. Gonzales

Page Four

May 12, 2005

we recently learned the Army absolved four top officers, including Lt. Gen. Sanchez, of wrongdoing. To date, only one high-ranking military officer has been punished as a result of these inquiries, and many view her punishment as a mere slap on the wrist. As a result, it is not yet clear to the world that the United States is taking these abuses seriously.

The public interest demands we determine who is ultimately responsible for these abuses. While Private Lynndie England and other low-ranking officers have pled guilty, those who ordered and authorized their actions appear to have been protected by the military and this Administration. Because so many high level officials, including you, have been implicated in these events, the only way to ensure impartiality is through the appointment of a Special Counsel. Indeed, our nation's integrity is at stake. We must reassure the world that we will fairly and independently pursue legal violations wherever they occur.

We await your response on this important matter. At no point during this Administration has a Special Counsel been appointed.15 Please contact us through Perry Apelbaum or Ted Kalo of the Judiciary Staff at 2142 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515 if you have any questions about this request.


1. Rep. Tammy Baldwin
2. Rep. Sanford Bishop
3. Rep. Earl Blumenauer
4. Rep. Corrine Brown
5. Rep. Julia Carson
6. Rep. John Conyers
7. Rep. Elijah Cummings
8. Rep. A. Davis
9. Rep. S. Davis
10. Rep. Diana DeGette
11. Rep. Anna Eshoo
12. Rep. Barney Frank
13. Rep. Raul Grijalva
14. Rep. Luis Guitierrez
15. Rep. Maurice Hinchey
16. Rep. Michael Honda
17. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee
18. Rep. Ron Kind
19. Rep. Dennis Kucinich
20. Rep. Barbara Lee
21. Rep. Zoe Lofgren
22. Rep. Carolyn Maloney
23. Rep. Betty McCollum
24. Rep. Jim McDermott
25. Rep. James McGovern
26. Rep. Gregory Meeks
27. Rep. James Moran
28. Rep. Jerrold Nadler
29. Rep. James Oberstar
30. Rep. John Olver
31. Rep. Frank Pallone
32. Rep. Donald Payne
33. Rep. Tom Price
34. Rep. Martin Sabo
35. Rep. Linda Sanchez
36. Rep. Bernard Sanders
37. Rep. Janice Schakowsky
38. Rep. Bobby Scott
39. Rep. Jose Serrano
40. Rep. Louise Slaughter
41. Rep. Hilda Solis
42. Rep. Fortney Stark
43. Rep. Ellen Tauscher
44. Rep. Mark Udall
45. Rep. Chris VanHollen
46. Rep. Maxine Waters
47. Rep. Diane Watson
48. Rep. Melvin Watt
49. Rep. Robert Wexler
50. Rep. Lynn Woolsey
51. Rep. David Wu


Boxer & Dems hold Bolton

Senate Democrats move to block Bolton UN nomination

Fri May 13, 8:01 AM ET - Yahoo News

Democrats in the US Senate have made a fresh bid to derail the appointment of John Bolton, the embattled White House pick for UN ambassador, after a Senate panel declined to back him ahead of a floor vote.

Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer "put a hold on the nomination" of Bolton as US ambassador to the United Nations, her spokeswoman Natalie Ravitz said without indicating how the process could be delayed.

The move is intended to either force further negotiations or ultimately to prevent his nomination from reaching the Senate floor.

A Senate panel took the rare step Thursday of refusing to endorse President George W. Bush's choice for UN ambassador, although it did send the nomination to the full Senate for confirmation.

The White House had hoped that Bolton would receive the seal of approval of the committee's 10 Republicans, whose backing would have improved his odds for success in the Senate vote.

Instead, Bolton barely squeaked out of the polarized Senate committee.

His nomination was apparently saved after several Republicans agreed to forward his nomination for the UN post, without giving him explicit support.

Despite the lack of a congressional endorsement, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said she was "pleased" by the outcome, and expressed hope for Bolton's quick confirmation.

Rice argued that Bolton, currently undersecretary for arms control and international security at the US State Department, would bring the "skill and dedication necessary to advance the president's reform agenda" at the UN.

A date has not been set for the vote in the Senate where Republicans hold a 55 to 45 majority. But Democrats promised they would continue to fight tooth and nail against the nomination as it moves to the chamber.

"If this comes to the floor, we're going to have a fight," Senator Barbara Boxer said during the committee meeting.

Democrats have been united in opposition to Bolton, while four of the committee's 10 Republicans expressed serious reservations.

Chief among Bolton's Republican critics was Senator George Voinovich, who expressed grave reservations about allegations Bolton mistreated staff during his long Washington carreer and shaped intelligence to fit his views.

He also issued a scathing denunciation of the nominee, saying the president could have chosen any one of a number of equally qualified, less controversial, candidates.

Nevertheless, the Ohio senator said he would approve sending Bolton's nomination to a vote before the full Senate, in deference to the White House.

The debate in the divided committee was the latest showdown between Senate Democrats and Republicans, after weeks of bitter wrangling over Bush's nominee.

Bolton's Republican supporters acknowledge that he has at times been "blunt," but they say his direct manner is just what is needed to help whip the scandal-plagued UN into shape.

"I think the American people want someone at the United Nations who pushes strongly for reform," said Senator George Allen. "We are not electing 'Mr. Congeniality.' We do not need 'Mr. Milquetoast' in the United Nations," he said.

The panel has spent weeks examining allegations that Bolton misused or hyped flawed intelligence on issues including China, Iran, North Korea and Syria.

Even his ex-boss, former secretary of state Colin Powell, reportedly told lawmakers that Bolton had been a problematic official. Powell's former chief of staff was quoted by the US press as saying that Bolton would make an "abysmal ambassador."

If confirmed by the Senate, Bolton would have to fight the US case on vital foreign policy issues, ranging from nuclear programs in Iran and North Korea to the future of the world body itself.

Buying Power

The following is a spread sheet that documents each and every Congressman and the financial and voting relationship to Tom DeLay. As I said before in Dangling DeLay, the ethics problems plauguing Delay are not just his alone - they hang around the neck of the Republican Congress like a dead albatros, particularly as the MSM finally begins to notice the truly shocking allegations of DeLay's connections to the Saipan Sex-Trade and Sweat Shops.

DeLay Ranking List –Top 25– –Full List–

Rank Full Name State District Party $ From DeLay (ARMPAC) $ to DeLay
(legal defense fund)
Vote % DeLay Rankings
1Tom FeeneyFL24R$10,000$5,00097.42%8.95
2Bob BeauprezCO7R$20,000$1,00096.41%8.93
3Jim RyunKS2R$31,777$1,00095.73%8.91
4Dave WeldonFL15R$13,569$6,00094.75%8.90
5Jim GerlachPA6R$20,000$2,00090.16%8.80
6John CarterTX31R$20,000$5,00098.71%7.97
7Eric CantorVA7R$15,000$1,00098.23%7.96
8Jo BonnerAL1R$10,000$5,00097.56%7.95
8Phil GingreyGA11R$20,000$5,00097.37%7.95
10Pete SessionsTX32R$21,644$5,00096.83%7.94
10Todd AkinMO2R$15,000$1,00096.93%7.94
10Devin Gerald NunesCA21R$10,000$5,00097.06%7.94
13Tom ColeOK4R$15,000$5,00096.63%7.93
14Mike RogersAL3R$14,500$5,00095.98%7.92
15Henry BonillaTX23R$12,942$15,00093.85%7.88
16Robert B AderholtAL4R$19,571$1,00093.66%7.87
17Tom TancredoCO6R$28,439$1,00092.36%7.85
18Jon PorterNV3R$25,000$5,00091.50%7.83
19Mark GreenWI8R$29,414$1,00091.13%7.82
20Rob SimmonsCT2R$29,500$1,00080.68%7.61
21Chris ChocolaIN2R$30,000$2,50097.81%7.46
21John CulbersonTX7R$5,000$5,00097.91%7.46
23Jeb HensarlingTX5R$20,000$5,00096.90%7.44
24Roy BluntMO7R$1,019$20,00096.25%7.43
25Howard P McKeonCA25R$20$5,00095.35%7.41
26Lamar SmithTX21R$20$10,00094.80%7.40
27Bill ThomasCA22R$20$5,00091.05%7.32
28James T WalshNY25R$20$1,00083.62%7.17
29Kenny Ewell MarchantTX24R$10,000$5,00098.88%6.98
30Gary MillerCA42R$11,017$5,00097.28%6.95
30Gresham BarrettSC3R$10,000$5,00097.25%6.95
30Michael BurgessTX26R$15,000$5,00097.63%6.95
30Steven A KingIA5R$15,000$1,00097.50%6.95
34Mike PenceIN6R$19,865$1,00097.10%6.94
35Joe WilsonSC2R$10,000$5,00096.64%6.93
36Mike RogersMI8R$20,000$5,00095.86%6.92
36Marilyn MusgraveCO4R$20,000$096.11%6.92
36Jeff MillerFL1R$10,000$5,00095.86%6.92
36Kevin BradyTX8R$10,000$095.83%6.92
40Trent FranksAZ2R$20,000$095.72%6.91
40Mario Diaz-BalartFL25R$10,000$5,00095.42%6.91
42J D HayworthAZ5R$15,765$1,00095.10%6.90
42Charles Pickering JrMS3R$11,565$1,00095.13%6.90
42Todd TiahrtKS4R$10,071$10,00095.14%6.90
45Ginny Brown-WaiteFL5R$20,000$1,00094.38%6.89
45Robin HayesNC8R$37,722$1,00094.69%6.89
47Anne M NorthupKY3R$32,000$094.24%6.88
48C L OtterID1R$15,000$50092.89%6.86
49Paul RyanWI1R$25,390$1,00092.26%6.85
50Walter B Jones JrNC3R$11,373$50090.04%6.80
51E Clay Shaw JrFL22R$30,020$5,00089.26%6.79
52Charles BassNH2R$14,233$1,00086.75%6.74
53Steven C LaTouretteOH14R$13,573$1,00086.73%6.73
54Marsha BlackburnTN7R$5,000$5,00097.49%6.45
55Darrell IssaCA49R$2,500$5,00095.83%6.42
56Frank D LucasOK3R$5,020$1,00095.32%6.41
56George RadanovichCA19R$7,047$5,00095.39%6.41
58Kay GrangerTX12R$4,982$5,00094.89%6.40
58Wally HergerCA2R$1,105$6,00094.75%6.40
60Randy CunninghamCA50R$20$1,00093.91%6.38
61Mark E SouderIN3R$5,014$1,00092.41%6.35
62Dana RohrabacherCA46R$8,583$5,00090.95%6.32
63Jerry LewisCA41R$20$5,00089.73%6.29
64Ralph RegulaOH16R$573$5,00086.35%6.23
65Lynn A WestmorelandGA8R$15,000$098.77%5.98
65Michael E SodrelIN9R$10,000$098.88%5.98
67John KlineMN2R$30,000$098.07%5.96
67Adam H PutnamFL12R$15,000$097.83%5.96
69Scott GarrettNJ5R$15,000$096.26%5.93
69John BoozmanAR3R$15,000$096.54%5.93
71Melissa HartPA4R$15,000$096.11%5.92
72Barbara CubinWY1R$22,520$095.31%5.91
73Dave ReichertWA8R$10,000$095.24%5.90
73Sam GravesMO6R$30,000$094.85%5.90
75Thad McCotterMI11R$20,000$094.34%5.89
76Christopher CoxCA48R$20$5,00093.97%5.88
77Roscoe G BartlettMD6R$10,020$093.56%5.87
78Don SherwoodPA10R$14,855$093.14%5.86
79Rick RenziAZ1R$20,000$092.58%5.85
80Vito FossellaNY13R$10,000$092.04%5.84
81Mike FergusonNJ7R$42,403$089.01%5.78
82Jim SaxtonNJ3R$10,006$084.85%5.70
83Sue KellyNY19R$12,020$081.82%5.64
84Katherine HarrisFL13R$20,000$096.76%5.44
84Randy NeugebauerTX19R$15,000$097.03%5.44
86J Randy ForbesVA4R$30,000$096.14%5.42
87John T DoolittleCA4R$4,375$10,00095.32%5.41
87Sam JohnsonTX3R$545$6,00095.33%5.41
89Dan BurtonIN5R$20$6,00094.66%5.39
89Ralph M HallTX4R$10,000$094.28%5.39
89Ken CalvertCA44R$1,020$5,00094.72%5.39
92David DreierCA26R$20$5,00094.23%5.38
93Spencer BachusAL6R$1,166$14,00093.41%5.37
93Duncan HunterCA52R$6$6,00093.47%5.37
95Jack KingstonGA1R$1,130$1,00092.63%5.35
95Cliff StearnsFL6R$20$5,00092.52%5.35
95Elton GalleglyCA24R$20$5,00092.60%5.35
95Richard PomboCA11R$5,020$5,00092.67%5.35
99Jerry WellerIL11R$4,520$091.87%5.34
99Rob Portman (resigned)OH2R$20$5,00092.25%5.34
101Jo Ann EmersonMO8R$1,000$1,00091.05%5.32
102Deborah PryceOH15R$20$1,00090.58%5.31
102Hal RogersKY5R$6$5,00090.72%5.31
104Mary BonoCA45R$8,500$5,00089.46%5.29
104Dave HobsonOH7R$20$1,00089.56%5.29
106Don YoungAK1R$1,592$088.95%5.28
107Paul E GillmorOH5R$20$2,00086.37%5.23
108John J Duncan JrTN2R$20$5,00086.08%5.22
109Geoff DavisKY4R$20,000$0100.00%5.00
110Jeffrey Lane FortenberryNE1R$10,000$098.86%4.98
110Mike ConawayTX11R$10,000$098.88%4.98
110John R Kuhl JrNY29R$10,000$098.85%4.98
110Tom PriceGA6R$10,000$098.88%4.98
114John SullivanOK1R$10,000$097.98%4.96
114Patrick McHenryNC10R$10,000$097.75%4.96
116Louis B Gohmert JrTX1R$10,000$097.67%4.95
116Charles W Boustany JrLA7R$15,000$097.67%4.95
116Virginia FoxxNC5R$10,000$097.73%4.95
116Ric KellerFL8R$20,000$097.32%4.95
116Dan LungrenCA3R$10,000$097.73%4.95
121Steve PearceNM2R$20,000$096.32%4.93
121Connie MackFL14R$10,000$096.63%4.93
121Michael McCaulTX10R$10,000$096.63%4.93
124Roger WickerMS1R$14,526$096.06%4.92
125Chris CannonUT3R$10,500$095.73%4.91
125Denny RehbergMT1R$14,500$095.37%4.91
125Mark KennedyMN6R$29,500$095.65%4.91
125Michael R TurnerOH3R$20,000$095.27%4.91
125Candice S MillerMI10R$20,000$095.55%4.91
125Charles W NorwoodGA9R$13,822$095.26%4.91
131Joe KnollenbergMI9R$10,192$094.55%4.89
131Tim MurphyPA18R$10,000$094.64%4.89
133Lee TerryNE2R$13,308$093.84%4.88
133Tom LathamIA4R$26,085$094.08%4.88
135Charles Wieder DentPA15R$10,000$093.26%4.87
136John M ShimkusIL19R$16,934$092.85%4.86
137Bill ShusterPA9R$15,000$092.52%4.85
138Kenny HulshofMO9R$14,964$092.14%4.84
138Howard CobleNC6R$6$091.82%4.84
140Ed WhitfieldKY1R$13,014$091.39%4.83
141Jim NussleIA1R$15,020$091.16%4.82
141Steve ChabotOH1R$21,224$091.02%4.82
143Shelley Moore CapitoWV2R$38,500$090.57%4.81
143Jeb BradleyNH1R$15,000$090.60%4.81
143Bob NeyOH18R$24,492$090.33%4.81
146Heather WilsonNM1R$36,959$088.32%4.77
147Timothy V JohnsonIL15R$25,000$082.98%4.66
148Nancy L JohnsonCT5R$10,020$073.41%4.47
149Ander CrenshawFL4R$1,000$097.48%4.45
150Henry BrownSC1R$5,000$097.13%4.44
151John BoehnerOH8R$20$095.99%4.42
152Joe PittsPA16R$624$095.66%4.41
153Sherwood BoehlertNY24R$10,020$070.14%4.40
154John L MicaFL7R$5,020$094.21%4.38
154Dennis HastertIL14R$20$094.15%4.38
156Joe BartonTX6R$20$093.39%4.37
157Jim McCreryLA4R$20$093.08%4.36
158Dave CampMI4R$225$091.16%4.32
159Bob InglisSC4R$14$090.37%4.31
160John E SweeneyNY20R$4,915$090.09%4.30
161Pete KingNY3R$20$088.33%4.27
162Michael G FitzpatrickPA8R$5,000$084.27%4.19
162Tom PetriWI6R$1,295$084.33%4.19
164Frank A LoBiondoNJ2R$5,692$081.32%4.13
165Wayne T GilchrestMD1R$5,020$079.65%4.09
166Ron PaulTX14R$6,000$074.51%3.99
167Tom ReynoldsNY26R$1,500$094.55%3.89
167John ShadeggAZ3R$4,520$094.72%3.89
169Vernon J EhlersMI3R$20$082.51%3.65
170Ted PoeTX2R$5,000$098.88%3.48
171Bobby JindalLA1R$5,000$097.73%3.45
171Cathy McMorrisWA5R$5,000$097.73%3.45
173Doc HastingsWA4R$5,930$096.84%3.44
174Rob BishopUT1R$5,000$096.70%3.43
174Thelma DrakeVA2R$5,000$096.63%3.43
176Mac ThornberryTX13R$14$095.77%3.42
177John LinderGA7R$20$095.70%3.41
177Patrick J TiberiOH12R$9,000$095.40%3.41
179Sue MyrickNC9R$3,520$095.09%3.40
179Mike SimpsonID2R$6,171$094.79%3.40
179Ron LewisKY2R$2,144$095.21%3.40
182Richard BakerLA6R$5,014$094.69%3.39
182Steve BuyerIN4R$873$094.55%3.39
184Nathan DealGA10R$3,245$093.85%3.38
184John E PetersonPA5R$603$093.97%3.38
184Bill JenkinsTN1R$1,000$094.22%3.38
184Ernest J IstookOK5R$20$094.13%3.38
184Terry EverettAL2R$6,020$093.94%3.38
189Greg WaldenOR2R$5,342$093.34%3.37
189Charles H TaylorNC11R$6,130$093.35%3.37
189Bob GoodlatteVA6R$20$093.55%3.37
192Jo Ann DavisVA1R$5,000$093.14%3.36
192Don ManzulloIL16R$20$093.11%3.36
194Jim GibbonsNV2R$3,602$092.28%3.35
195Michael G OxleyOH4R$20$092.24%3.34
195Gil GutknechtMN1R$5,778$092.11%3.34
195Zach WampTN3R$20$091.85%3.34
198Virgil H Goode JrVA5R$5,000$091.70%3.33
198Ed RoyceCA40R$20$091.64%3.33
198John HostettlerIN8R$20$091.63%3.33
201Michael BilirakisFL9R$20$090.81%3.32
201Henry J HydeIL6R$20$090.78%3.32
203Jerry MoranKS1R$1,000$090.31%3.31
203Joel HefleyCO5R$20$090.74%3.31
203Peter HoekstraMI2R$20$090.46%3.31
206Jeff FlakeAZ6R$5,000$089.98%3.30
206C W Bill YoungFL10R$20$090.19%3.30
208John M McHughNY23R$20$088.37%3.27
209Mark FoleyFL16R$8,531$087.76%3.26
209F James Sensenbrenner JrWI5R$20$087.86%3.26
209Judy BiggertIL13R$1,764$088.11%3.26
209Ray LaHoodIL18R$14$088.25%3.26
213Phil EnglishPA3R$9,036$087.42%3.25
214Jim KolbeAZ8R$5,026$086.71%3.23
215Tom DavisVA11R$4,520$086.19%3.22
216Lincoln Diaz-BalartFL21R$20$084.99%3.20
217Curt WeldonPA7R$1,020$084.32%3.19
218Rodney FrelinghuysenNJ11R$4,520$084.16%3.18
218Ileana Ros-LehtinenFL18R$20$083.96%3.18
220Fred UptonMI6R$20$082.15%3.14
221Jim RamstadMN3R$20$079.19%3.08
222Michael N CastleDE1R$20$078.36%3.07
223Chris SmithNJ4R$20$077.99%3.06
224Jim LeachIA2R$20$071.06%2.92
225Christopher ShaysCT4R$20$068.64%2.87
226Rodney AlexanderLA5R$5,000$047.57%2.45
227Joe SchwarzMI7R$0$095.51%1.91
228Tom OsborneNE3R$0$093.10%1.86
229Todd PlattsPA19R$0$089.05%1.78
230Frank R WolfVA10R$0$088.34%1.77
231Mark KirkIL10R$0$086.13%1.72
232Gene TaylorMS4D$0$052.84%1.06
233Dan BorenOK2D$0$051.69%1.03
234Charles J MelanconLA3D$0$045.45%0.91
235Henry CuellarTX28D$0$044.94%0.90
236Collin C PetersonMN7D$0$042.26%0.85
236Bud CramerAL5D$0$042.72%0.85
238Ike SkeltonMO4D$0$041.75%0.83
239Mike McIntyreNC7D$0$040.45%0.81
240John TannerTN8D$0$038.18%0.76
241Allen BoydFL2D$0$037.10%0.74
242Jim MathesonUT2D$0$036.05%0.72
243Lincoln DavisTN4D$0$035.53%0.71
244Tim HoldenPA17D$0$034.90%0.70
244Jim MarshallGA3D$0$034.92%0.70
246Betty McCollumMN4D$0$09.44%0.69
247John P MurthaPA12D$0$033.59%0.67
247Solomon P OrtizTX27D$0$033.71%0.67
247Jim CostaCA20D$0$033.33%0.67
250Leonard L BoswellIA3D$0$032.25%0.65
251Bart GordonTN6D$0$031.81%0.64
251Marion BerryAR1D$0$032.16%0.64
251Chet EdwardsTX17D$0$032.16%0.64
254Jim CooperTN5D$0$031.13%0.62
254Alan B MollohanWV1D$0$030.92%0.62
256John Tony SalazarCO3D$0$030.68%0.61
257Mike RossAR4D$0$030.00%0.60
257David ScottGA13D$0$029.78%0.60
259Ben ChandlerKY6D$0$029.72%0.59
260Jerry F CostelloIL12D$0$028.95%0.58
260Stephanie HersethSD1D$0$028.79%0.58
260Mike DoylePA14D$0$028.79%0.58
263Sanford D Bishop JrGA2D$0$028.16%0.56
264Earl PomeroyND1D$0$026.91%0.54
265Dennis MooreKS3D$0$026.24%0.52
266Nick RahallWV3D$0$025.40%0.51
266Adam SmithWA9D$0$025.69%0.51
266Dennis CardozaCA18D$0$025.25%0.51
269Rick BoucherVA9D$0$025.13%0.50
269Silvestre ReyesTX16D$0$024.96%0.50
269Vic SnyderAR2D$0$024.87%0.50
269Daniel William LipinskiIL3D$0$025.00%0.50
269Bob EtheridgeNC2D$0$024.90%0.50
274John M Spratt JrSC5D$0$024.49%0.49
274Paul E KanjorskiPA11D$0$024.29%0.49
276Jane HarmanCA36D$0$023.98%0.48
276Jim DavisFL11D$0$024.08%0.48
276John BarrowGA12D$0$023.86%0.48
279Gene GreenTX29D$0$023.48%0.47
280Ed CaseHI2D$0$023.03%0.46
281Robert E AndrewsNJ1D$0$022.60%0.45
281Jim MoranVA8D$0$022.51%0.45
281Melissa Luburich BeanIL8D$0$022.47%0.45
284Ruben HinojosaTX15D$0$022.20%0.44
284Bart StupakMI1D$0$021.99%0.44
286Al GreenTX9D$0$021.35%0.43
286Artur DavisAL7D$0$021.34%0.43
286Ellen TauscherCA10D$0$021.52%0.43
286Carolyn McCarthyNY4D$0$021.63%0.43
290Michael R McNultyNY21D$0$020.86%0.42
290Ron KindWI3D$0$020.94%0.42
290Norm DicksWA6D$0$021.24%0.42
293Steve IsraelNY2D$0$020.43%0.41
294Bill Pascrell JrNJ8D$0$020.11%0.40
294Joe BacaCA43D$0$019.93%0.40
294Darlene HooleyOR5D$0$019.87%0.40
297Harold E Ford JrTN9D$0$019.33%0.39
297Dutch RuppersbergerMD2D$0$019.54%0.39
297Shelley BerkleyNV1D$0$019.26%0.39
300David PriceNC4D$0$019.01%0.38
300Pete ViscloskyIN1D$0$019.09%0.38
300Ted StricklandOH6D$0$018.80%0.38
300Rick LarsenWA2D$0$019.04%0.38
304Dale E KildeeMI5D$0$018.73%0.37
304Marcy KapturOH9D$0$018.60%0.37
304David WuOR1D$0$018.54%0.37
307Charlie A GonzalezTX20D$0$018.13%0.36
307Steven R RothmanNJ9D$0$017.77%0.36
307Steny H HoyerMD5D$0$018.15%0.36
310Brad ShermanCA27D$0$017.65%0.35
310Jay R InsleeWA1D$0$017.47%0.35
310Ben CardinMD3D$0$017.54%0.35
313Mike MichaudME2D$0$017.17%0.34
313Brian BairdWA3D$0$016.82%0.34
313Loretta SanchezCA47D$0$017.00%0.34
313Mike ThompsonCA1D$0$017.09%0.34
317Robert MenendezNJ13D$0$016.48%0.33
318Frank Pallone JrNJ6D$0$016.07%0.32
318Joseph CrowleyNY7D$0$016.17%0.32
318Adam SchiffCA29D$0$016.07%0.32
318John D DingellMI15D$0$016.17%0.32
318Albert R WynnMD4D$0$016.01%0.32
323Emanuel Cleaver IIMO5D$0$015.66%0.31
323Susan A DavisCA53D$0$015.49%0.31
323Robert WexlerFL19D$0$015.68%0.31
326Ed PastorAZ4D$0$015.08%0.30
326William J JeffersonLA2D$0$014.79%0.30
326Jim LangevinRI2D$0$015.23%0.30
326Stephen F LynchMA9D$0$015.06%0.30
330Dennis J KucinichOH10D$0$014.28%0.29
330Sander LevinMI12D$0$014.68%0.29
330Lois CappsCA23D$0$014.58%0.29
333Kendrick B MeekFL17D$0$013.99%0.28
333James L OberstarMN8D$0$013.95%0.28
333Corrine BrownFL3D$0$013.99%0.28
333Patrick J KennedyRI1D$0$014.08%0.28
333G K ButterfieldNC1D$0$013.92%0.28
333Zoe LofgrenCA16D$0$013.79%0.28
339Brad MillerNC13D$0$013.60%0.27
339Richard E NealMA2D$0$013.56%0.27
339James E ClyburnSC6D$0$013.28%0.27
339Neil AbercrombieHI1D$0$013.71%0.27
339Allyson SchwartzPA13D$0$013.48%0.27
339Robert C ScottVA3D$0$013.34%0.27
339Eddie Bernice JohnsonTX30D$0$013.59%0.27
339Bennie G ThompsonMS2D$0$013.45%0.27
339Tom AllenME1D$0$013.25%0.27
348Marty MeehanMA5D$0$012.84%0.26
348David R ObeyWI7D$0$013.05%0.26
348Robert A BradyPA1D$0$012.75%0.26
348Sheila Jackson LeeTX18D$0$013.02%0.26
348Lloyd DoggettTX25D$0$013.02%0.26
348Tom LantosCA12D$0$013.02%0.26
348John B LarsonCT1D$0$013.16%0.26
348Anna EshooCA14D$0$012.83%0.26
348Carolyn B MaloneyNY14D$0$013.09%0.26
348Earl BlumenauerOR3D$0$013.07%0.26
358Russ CarnahanMO3D$0$012.36%0.25
358Brian M HigginsNY27D$0$012.50%0.25
358Howard L BermanCA28D$0$012.43%0.25
358Peter DeFazioOR4D$0$012.48%0.25
358Mark UdallCO2D$0$012.55%0.25
358Nita M LoweyNY18D$0$012.41%0.25
364Gregory W MeeksNY6D$0$011.93%0.24
364Tim RyanOH17D$0$011.76%0.24
364Elijah E CummingsMD7D$0$011.88%0.24
364Rush HoltNJ12D$0$011.95%0.24
364Tom UdallNM3D$0$012.01%0.24
364Timothy H BishopNY1D$0$011.99%0.24
364Eliot L EngelNY17D$0$011.93%0.24
364Gary AckermanNY5D$0$011.87%0.24
372Juanita Millender-McDonaldCA37D$0$011.31%0.23
372Martin Olav SaboMN5D$0$011.47%0.23
372Rosa L DeLauroCT3D$0$011.74%0.23
375Anthony D WeinerNY9D$0$010.76%0.22
375Sam FarrCA17D$0$010.81%0.22
377Julia CarsonIN7D$0$010.31%0.21
377Grace NapolitanoCA38D$0$010.48%0.21
377Diana DeGetteCO1D$0$010.41%0.21
377Sherrod BrownOH13D$0$010.50%0.21
377Rahm EmanuelIL5D$0$010.54%0.21
382Alcee L HastingsFL23D$0$010.17%0.20
382Louise M SlaughterNY28D$0$09.86%0.20
382Carolyn Cheeks KilpatrickMI13D$0$09.83%0.20
385Edolphus TownsNY10D$0$09.59%0.19
385Chris Van HollenMD8D$0$09.50%0.19
385Lane EvansIL17D$0$09.69%0.19
388Cynthia A McKinneyGA4D$0$09.04%0.18
388Luis V GutierrezIL4D$0$09.20%0.18
388Charles B RangelNY15D$0$09.04%0.18
388Debbie Wasserman SchultzFL20D$0$08.99%0.18
388Jose E SerranoNY16D$0$09.24%0.18
388Chaka FattahPA2D$0$08.80%0.18
394Barney FrankMA4D$0$08.58%0.17
394William L Clay JrMO1D$0$08.60%0.17
394Bobby L RushIL1D$0$08.25%0.17
394Bernie SandersVT1I$0$08.37%0.17
394Bill DelahuntMA10D$0$08.35%0.17
399Gwendolynne MooreWI4D$0$08.14%0.16
399Lucille Roybal-AllardCA34D$0$07.94%0.16
399Danny K DavisIL7D$0$08.14%0.16
399Melvin L WattNC12D$0$08.23%0.16
399Henry A WaxmanCA30D$0$07.95%0.16
404James P McGovernMA3D$0$07.61%0.15
404Edward J MarkeyMA7D$0$07.30%0.15
406George MillerCA7D$0$06.92%0.14
406Jerrold NadlerNY8D$0$06.98%0.14
406Nancy PelosiCA8D$0$07.25%0.14
406Xavier BecerraCA31D$0$06.99%0.14
406Mike HondaCA15D$0$06.88%0.14
406Jesse Jackson JrIL2D$0$07.06%0.14
406Stephanie Tubbs JonesOH11D$0$07.23%0.14
406John F TierneyMA6D$0$07.01%0.14
414Jim McDermottWA7D$0$06.25%0.13
414Maurice HincheyNY22D$0$06.49%0.13
414Nydia M VelazquezNY12D$0$06.63%0.13
414Maxine WatersCA35D$0$06.64%0.13
414Diane E WatsonCA33D$0$06.33%0.13
414John LewisGA5D$0$06.28%0.13
420Bob FilnerCA51D$0$05.99%0.12
420John W OlverMA1D$0$06.16%0.12
420Major R OwensNY11D$0$05.94%0.12
420Pete StarkCA13D$0$05.77%0.12
420Lynn WoolseyCA6D$0$06.04%0.12
420Michael E CapuanoMA8D$0$06.13%0.12
426Donald M PayneNJ10D$0$05.57%0.11
426John Conyers JrMI14D$0$05.46%0.11
426Tammy BaldwinWI2D$0$05.58%0.11
426Doris MatsuiCA5D$0$05.66%0.11
430Hilda L SolisCA32D$0$04.80%0.10
431Linda SanchezCA39D$0$04.22%0.08
431Jan SchakowskyIL9D$0$04.09%0.08
431Barbara LeeCA9D$0$04.18%0.08
434Raul M GrijalvaAZ7D$0$02.92%0.06