Saturday, May 31

O'Reilly Detonates Again

Friday, May 30

Limbaugh busts a Blood Vessel over McClennan

Y'know, watching the all new improved Scotty Show has been quite a treat so far - but most of the really good performances have been coming from Fox News, Dana (Tina Dancer of Fascism) Perino and of course, Comedian Rush Limbaugh.

On today's episode Mr Limpbaugh responds to this mornings interview with Scott McClennan on the Today show, just remember that this is the man that in 2006 admitted that he'd been "carrying water for the Republicans" for years and he wasn't doing it anymore. I guess he got his second wind. Limbaugh, being the singular dipwad that he is, goes far beyond the already standard talking points that Scott is just "Disgrunted", "Chasing a Buck" and that his behavior is "Puzzling".

No, it's much worse than that.

Funny Point Number One after McClennan describes how he thought Bush really meant it when he said he was going to be a "uniter not a divider" Yucks a minute on the one.

Limbaugh: This just Frosts Me. You are using the language of the LEFT! Don't you realize - You DOLT - that your job was to help your President Prevail!

And here most of us thought that the job of people in public service was to serve the needs of THE NATION and to protect and honor THE CONSTITUTION. Silly us.

Then Rush goes on an on and on about how President Bush did so much to reach across the isle by writing legislation with Ted Kennedy.

He went out of his way to bring Democrats into the White House for policy purposes.

That was ONE BILL Rush. One. Uno. Way back in 2001. What's he done for the country, and in concert with Democrats lately? Veto the Childrens Health Care Bill? Threaten to Veto the new G.I. Bill?

How many times did he meet with the Congressional Black Caucus? Was it even once?

This is a President who would never attack Democrats

Except for calling them "Appeasers", "Traitors", "Quitters" and "Defeato-crats".

Funny HA HA Number two: The Plame-gate deal, where Scott laments that both Libby and Rove lied to his face about being involved in the leak.

(Long Sigh) Uh, Scott. National Intelligence Estimate. The President does not leak it after he declassifies it. Do you not remember you idiot, that the drive-by media and the Democrats where clamoring for this?

Also this business about Rove and Libby involved, hey Scott have you heard thename "Richard Armitage"? They were not involved in the leak. Scott if you had an gonads you know that what happened to Scooter Libby was one of the major travesties of justice that has occurred in our lifetimes.

Ok, here's the interesting thing. Yes, it's true that the President can declassify anything he wants to - anytime he wants to. But contrary to what was discussed on Countdown with McClennan tonight - Valerie Plame's ID was not including in the NIE, according to transcripts of the Libby Trial Her status as an employee at CIA was included in a State Dept INR memo which was generated, in part, by Scooter Libby asking Armitage's deputy Marc Grossman about Joe Wilson's trip. If Scooter hadn't made an issue of it, there wouldn't have been a memo - which was STILL classified - for him to later leak to Armitage, Rove and others.

Second point, the NIE information that Libby was authorized to give to reporters, something that Richard Cheney's actual press secretary Cathie Martin refused to do, was all bullshit. Libby told Judith Miller that the NIE made an "unequivocal case against Saddam and his weapons program" That was a lie. Even the executive summary of NIE didn't make that case, and in the actual classified section was an extensive State and Energy Dept debunking of the aluminum tubes theory. It even posits that the Niger documents that Joe Wilson went to investigate were forgeries! Libby also told Miller that "Wilson's wife works at CIA, and that's why he was sent...", except that he told her that she worked in Non-proliferation when Grossman had told him that she worked for CPD, and that info was confirmed to Libby by Robert Grenier the CIA's top man on Iraq. The difference is crucial - CPD is where the COVERT SPIES WORKED!!

If LIbby had told her Wilson's Wife works for CPD even Thick-as-Rocks-Miller could have figured out that she was probably a covert operative and she was now a participant in Treason.

Libby's meeting with Miller on June 23rd was the FIRST case where classified info on Plame and Wilson went to an unauthorized person. It was the first time her ID was revealed. But it wasn't the last. The only reason Miller didn't reveal the information long before Robert Novak was because the New York Times refused to print the story. And if Karl Rove hadn't confirmed to Novak what Armitage had told him about Plame, he wouldn't have printed it either.

Yes, they were bloody well involved you nipple.

Libby's guilty sentence was perfectly appropriate considering he lied both the FBI and the Grand Jury that he first heard about Plame from Tim Russert, instead of the truth, Dick Cheney told him.

Then there's the Iraq War:

Limbaugh: His book is fiction. President Bush delivered 24 major speeches on Iraq over two years. Congress sited no fewer than 23 reasons when it overwhelming gave Bush the right to removed Saddam Hussein

Congress didn't give those reasons, the Iraq Force Resolution was written by the White House and it required the President to verify that there was no chance that "Diplomacy could still work" with Saddam. Bush to this very DAY is still claiming that Saddam wouldn't let the inspectors back in, but he started the War while the inspectors where in the middle of finding and destroying al-Samoud missles that they found - IN IRAQ! They said that Saddam wouldn't come clean because he didn't explain What he Did with Yellowcake Uranium that Joe Wilson couldn't Find - BECAUSE IT WASN'T THERE

Hey Rush, McClennan's not the "DOLT" or the "idiot" here - you are.


Monday, May 26

They Shoot Peacemakers Don't They?

Sunday, May 25

It had to be this way...

This is how it had to end.

No one was going to push Hillary out of this race, except Hillary. No one was going to invent some genius argument, that was going to convince her or her supporters that her candidacy had to end - she had to do it herself.

Of course, it's not going to end. It's going to limp on for a few more weeks, it might even get worse for her as she attempts, as she has so many times before, to lash out at the invisible enemies who have so spitefully held her back, and blocked her inevitable coronation.

It had to finally be revealed that Hillary's greatest foe, her greatest downfall, is Hillary.

The truly sad thing is that I think many of us are fully aware that Hillary probably didn't mean to deliberately build the construction that she needed to stay in the race purely because Barack Might Get Shot.

She's been saying over and over again how she's the "better candidate", and that's the reason she's continued to fight on. Frankly, looking at the Electoral Vote Map, she has a point.

Even as of today the state-by-state polls indicate she has a lead over McCain of 312 to 202 Electoral votes with 270 being needed to win the Presidency. That's practically a blow-out.

The thing is that winning isn't everything.

There's also the question of "Who would make the Better President?"

What Hillary has shown us again and again, long before this latest rhetorical blunder, is that it wouldn't be her.

She was against seating the delegates in Michigan and Florida before she was for seating them. She and her campaign gleefully exploited the Secret-Muslim smears, the links to a "Slum Lord", to an ex-Hippie Radical whose never been charged or indicted with anything, and his links to the outrageous black preacher - look he's black and angry and stuff - with the verbal diarrhea problem. (Not that any of them have ever spoken for Barack, but who cares?) She claimed we shouldn't just count the votes from 48 States, we should count all the votes - except for the caucus states she didn't win. We've heard her claim that the "little states" don't count when she doesn't win them, but that they show that "Barack can't close the deal" when she does. We've heard Geraldine give us the "Barack wouldn't be where he was if he was white" upper-cut, while Hillary herself delivers the round-house that his problem is that "He can't get the poor dumb white voters", and she can.

And all the while, the real reason she hasn't already won the nomination is because of all the sexism!?

Yeah, right.

If this was about just the one RFK statment, it woudn't be so bad. But we've already heard her claim that MLK wasn't as important as LBJ right on top of the 40 anniversary of Martin's murder. Why should we be surprised when she didn't know that she should have stopped with the insensitive crazy talk back then, and has now basically did the exact same thing to RFK and his memory?

I know some of her supporters feel that all she's done is fight hard and I agree we do need Democrats to fight hard for what they believe in. But what is it that she's shown she believes in here? That MLK doesn't matter? That she's Hubert Humphrey waiting in the wings for Kennedy's fall only to lose in November to Nixon? That truth is only viable when it's expedient? That some white people are irredeemably racist, and she doesn't care? That instead she's willing to exploit fear and paranoia of a black man, who couldn't possibly love America as much as she does or they do, while claiming she's the victim of gender prejudice? What, just cuz Chris Matthews is a condescending prick? Grow up. Have these all just been political arguments that have nothing to do with how she really thinks or how she would really govern?

Which version of Hillary are you guys supporting? Do you think you get to pick your personal favorite and go with that?

This is not how we need a potentially leader of the free world to be thinking, speaking or acting. They're supposed to be fighting for us, not just for themselves. If the RFK comment was her response to a 3 A.M. wake-up call, she just flubbed it and started World War III with most of America. Nobody makes you take the Low-Road, it's not a mandate, it's not a requirement - it's a choice. There's always a better option. She has simply made the wrong call - repeatedly - because she thought she could get away with it. She thought "it's just politics", instead of it being a complete lack of character. It's not just politics, it's clearly a part of who she is, and she's not getting away with it. Not anymore.

It's time for Hillary's supporters, to realize they made an honest mistake. Yes, she does seem like a great candidate on paper. Electorally it makes sense. It's true that she would probably win the Presidency more easily than Barack and that feeling that way can be easily understood, forgiven and forgotten. In the heat of a passionate campaign, we can all sometimes say things we don't literally mean, it can get away from us. But now it's time to face the facts.

Her campaign is in it's last throes. She's not going to be the nominee. She's not going to the be VP. She's out. She's probably going to continue to hang around, continue to get a few more charity/protest votes in Puerto Rico, but then - it's over.

This isn't a construction of the media. This isn't the boys club trying to squeeze her out. She's been dancing on the edge of the rhetorical cliff for months now. We all know it. Many of her supporters have happily cheered her on with each new dazzling kick and spin move. But you have to know she's been flirting with total disaster and devastation all along. It's been the kitchen-sink/scorched earth strategy for a long time. Now she's finally gone tumbling down the cliff and Nobody pushed her.

She fell off the cliff all by herself.

That's the way it had to go. It wouldn't have been tolerated if Barack had cut her off at the knees. He would've become the bad guy. The big black meany man who stole her Presidency from her. But that's not what happened. Nobody can claim that Barack knee-capped our first potential female President. She just lost.

She utterly failed the Commander-and-Chief test.

I'm not gleeful about this. I'm not joyful. I'm just relieved that it just might - just might - be nearly done with. I'm telling you this has not be fun to watch. Democrats clawing at Democrats. Friendships broken. Families going at each other. It's been H.E.L.L.

That is why people have wanted this to come to an end. We've needed to put her out of our misery. It's not about June. It's the fact that you don't count the length of campaign from the finish line backward, you count it from the beginning. This campaign has essentially been going on for a year and a half already. The only reason anyone might have wanted Hillary out of the race, beside the fact that she hasn't been able to statistically win for weeks, is that they're are just plain SICK AND TIRED OF IT ALL.

22 debates. 22 Friggin Debates. Enough already. We get it. We know who we want, we don't want Hillary. Sorry, but that's the way it is.

The one thing I have to thank Hillary for - in a sad, sick way - is making Barack a better candidate than he had been. McCain can't play the "He's a Negro" dog-whistle game on him, she's already done it and still lost. He can't argue that he's "too inexperienced", because with experience and judgment like her's - we obviously need more rookies. Obama is now innoculated on Reverend Wright, on William Aires and on Tony Rezzco. He's teflon. Unbreakable.

During all these challenges Obama has shown us a grace, class, dignity and clarity of vision that is rare and awe inspiring. His speech in Philadelphia was historic. That's how we need a someone to respond under pressure. These primaries have shown why we need a President like Barack Obama. This is the guy I want answering the crisis phone at 3 a.m. and at 2 p.m.

So, yes in a way, we owe Hillary our thanks.

It's also true that during her various attacks Barack suffered Electorally. Back on May 5th, Obama and McCain were in a dead-heat with 264 to 263 Electoral Votes respectively.

After Hillary hit him with Bitter-gate and "He's an Elitist who doesn't relate to hard-working blue collar (white) Americans" Barack lost ground not just in West Virginia, but in Texas, Florida, Wisconsin and Michigan falling behind McCain 290 to 237 on May 11th.

But today - literally today,just a single day after Hillary's campaign has taken what may well be a mortal wound - Barack has flipped the map by gaining ground in New Mexico, Ohio and Virginia. He now has regained the lead with 266 to 248.

He still has to break the tie in both Indiana and Virginia, as well as hold his leads in New Mexico, Ohio and Missouri to win. But it's possible he could do that and take back Wisconsin, Michigan and South Carolina. Sure, it could also go back the other way, there are quite a few states at play, including red ones, But today, for the first time, if just a few things go his way, it looks like Obama could win by an Electoral Land-Slide!

And we have Hillary to thank for that. Somebody had to air out of Barack's near-dirty laundry, better it was Hillary now than McCain in November.

It had to be this way.

By finally exiting the race, and not seeking to use her delegate votes to engineer some kind of Shotgun Wedding as VP, Hillary will be doing us all a great service.

She just might of saved this country, from both McCain and herself.