Saturday, August 1

Videos from Purgatory #28: Jesse Johnson - Let Me In

If people remember the group The Time from Purple Rain with their songs "The Bird" and "Jungle Love" you might remember their pink suited guitar player Jesse Johnson. Or you might remember some of Jesse's funky dance R&B solo material from the next few years such as "I'm Gonna Be Your Man" and "I Want My Girl"...

This is NOT that Jesse Johnson, except for being the exact same guy.

Live in 1994.

Part 1

Part 2

Striped down to a Bluesy Power Trio - this guy ROCKS! I'd always heard that Jesse was a serious player, but trapped within the confines of The Time and even his own Jesse Johnson Revue he only occasionally had chances to truly let it rip. He apparently isn't hiding it anymore. Some of these songs including "Let Me In" and "Shock to the System" are included on Jesse 1996 solo CD "Bare My Naked Soul". Learning to play when he was just 15, Jesse had played largely with Rock bands through his 20's until a friend recommended he move to Minneapolis as was recruited by Prince to join The Time Time.

Some flashes of this Rock edge were actually visible during The Time's 1990 reunion record "Pandemonium" particularly on the tracks "Blondie" and 'Skillet" (Live versions w/ Tory Ruffin on Guitar).

Either way, this version of Jesse where he actually PLAYS his instrument is a long, long way from this one where he just wears it like a big bling necklace ....

I'm pretty sure I know which version the record labels liked better.


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