Sunday, August 2

Videos from Purgatory #30: Bad Brains - Rise

What happens when you slam the Sex Pistols Head First into Bob Marley?

Bad Brains is what happens.

"Rise" from 1993.

Formed in 1979 by former jazz guitarist Dr Know along with vocalist H.R. (born Paul D. Hudson), bassist Darryl Aaron Jenifer, and drummer Earl Hudson put together a sound in Washington D.C. that nobody - and I do mean NOBODY had heard before. A sound that inspired groups as diverse as 24-7 Spyz, Living Colour, Fugazi and Janes Addiction.

"I Against I" released by SST in 1986

In the early 90's originally vocalist H.R. left the group and was replaced by Israel Joseph-I for their first major label release "Rise" but the change was too much for old fans, and not enough to attract new ones (although it remains one of my own favorite records) eventually HR returned for 1995's "God of Love" for Maverick Records , but sales still lagged and they were almost as quickly dropped.

Sailing on Live (1979)

Latest News from

In 2006, Bad Brains reunited for a few shows at CBGB's, which quickly sold out. With a resurging interest in the band, in early 2007, Megaforce announced that they had signed them to their roster. Under Beastie Boy Adam Yauch's studio supervision, the original band went back to the studio for the first time in over a decade and recorded Build a Nation,


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