Thursday, July 30

Videos from Purgatory #24: Funkadelic - Super Stupid

A lot of people say (or think) that when Jimi Hendrix died so did Black Rock. They feel that he was the LAST brother who was going to successful climb to the top of the Rock "n Roll Mountain, and maybe they might be right about that when you look at the career carcuses that have been left littered all the Musical Highway - but one thing you can't say is that the "Rock Stopped" - because it didn't.

It went on full speed with this band in particular - Funkadelic!

Super Stupid.

Funkadelic was originally the Psychedlic/Rock side of a two-sided band, the other side being George Clinton's Parliament. Starting out as a Do-Wop group signed to Motown all the way back in the late 50's, Parliament/Funkadelic gradually expanded into a musical powerhouse featuring ex-members of James Brown's group such as Bootsie Collin's and others such as guitarist Eddie Hazel. In their early formulation Parliment was more of a James Brown styled revue dance/funk band with a horn section while Funkadelic got to have all the loud guitars. Each group made their own distinct records but as years went on the distinction blurred and eventually Funkadelic would release dancible funk records like "Not Just (Knee Deep)".

But in their early days of 1971 - They Rocked. HARD!

I Got A Thang - Live 1970

Who says a Funk Band Can't Play Rock?

Following up Maggot Brain Funkadelic was also decidedly more socially conscious than Parliament who couched their politics in humor - releasing records such as "America Eats It's Young" in response to Vietnam and "Chocolate City" to document the burgeoning Black Consciousness of the 70's.

40 years later George Clinton is still touring with the Parliament/Funkadelic All Stars after being ripped off literally for Millions by his record label, and still remains one of the most influential groups in both Rock and Funk over that entire period with a loyal and nearly rabid following a "Funkateers".


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