Monday, July 27

Videos from Purgatory #18: Proper Grounds - Jezebel

Proper Grounds was straight-up Gangsta RAP METAL long before it become a played out. These guys were the first group and first record released by Madonna's own Maverick Label, in fact the first time I saw them was on some late night talk show where Madonna personally introduced them. They were WILD and scary. Like a Mash-up between a pile of Crips and Insane Clown Posse.

Unfortunately for them 1993 was a bad year to be doing Rap Metal since that's when the entire "Cop Killer" flap blew up - and it wasn't until groups like Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park could add a little Milk and Cream into the Coffee that it became "Safe" again. Also Maverick records found they could make a lot more money following the Seattle trend with bands like Candlebox, until that gravy train crashed and burned too.

I actually did a gig with these guys in Hollywood once for a Hendrix Anniversary Show, where I sang "Spanish Castle Magic" with a cover band. At the time I was putting together my own group with Oscar Jordan but we didn't yet have a bass player and the entire thing fell apart before long. It was at that gig that I realized that Proper Grounds drummer was also someone I knew - it was Jon brooks from Ach Nein. He's even in the Video, I can tell because of the way he dances while he plays drums.


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