Tuesday, July 28

Bill O'Reilly Defies the Republican Lunatic Base and Debunks the Birthers!

Yeah, amazing though it may seem - sometimes Bill O'Reilly really is as much a "straight shooter" as he pretends to be an actually dares to Defy the Lunatic Base of the Republican Party - therefore he really should get credit for it.

Birth Announcements in Newspaper in 1961? Check. Statements by Head of Hawaii Health Department? Check. Meanwhile Lou Dobbs is trying to start a fight with Rachel Maddow because he says "He's a Birther..." Dobbs says "She Lies, I believe Obama is an American - But I still want to see the documentation"

What the Frack do you call that then? Birth-Lite!?

Tomorrow Dobbs is supposed to be appearing on O'Reilly - that should be like a visit to Opposite World.


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