Thursday, December 23

Will the Ohio Vote Stand?

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Sunday, December 19

Abuse: It's all in the documentation

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld continues to writhe in a pickle over the lack of armor provided to our troops. Yet, the issue for which he should truly be raked over the coals continues to smolder under the radar.

Documents attained via the Freedom of Information Act by the ACLU have shown that the FBI was well aware of inproper interrogation techniques being employed at Guantanemo (GITMO) and Abu Ghraib and indicates that the handling of prisoners was not simply a matter of a few "rogue soldiers", but was the result of marching orders from the "SecDef" (ie. Secratary of Defense). The emails go on to mention that lack of effectiveness of Dod vs FBI interrogation techniques, indicating that this "get tough" policy besides being a violation of international law and the geneva convention, doesn't even work, contrary to the claims of partial torture supports such as Alan Dershowitz.

FBI email (parties redacted) re “Current Events” Gen Karpinski at Abu Ghraib reported that Gen Miller wants to “gimotize” Abu Ghraib. Author assumes this means supporting interrogation strategies “we not only advised against, but questioned in terms of effectiveness.” Gen Miller was against rapport-building approach. Refers recipient to BAU EC and EC written by Miami Division as a “must read.

Emails from [redacted] to T.J. Harrington, copied to others at FBI, re instructions to GTMO interrogators Mentions disagreements between the DOD and the FBI on how to handle interrogations, including FBI advising DOD re techniques that were ineffective in producing reliable intelligence. Example of DOD pursuing their methods to expeditiously “get more out of him.” FBI told DOD their methods didn't get more info that FBI's simple interrogation techniques. Notes BAU wrote EC explaining FBI vs DOD methods of interrogation.

This supports reports provided by Sy Hersh in his work on the "Special Access" group which Rumsfeld brought into existence in order to kidnap and detain foreign national terrorist/intelligence targets and use "any means neccesary" to ring information from them.

The devil is clearly in the details of these documents.