Wednesday, June 24

What's Your favorite Track?

Tell me what's your favorite of these tracks?


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Tuesday, June 23

The Pathological Narcissism of Neo-Cons on Iran

While Iranian Protestors Die in the Streets, John McCain and BFF Lindsey Graham seem to somehow think It's All About America.

Well, NO - it's not.

Chris Hayes of the Nation discusses with Rachel the dangerous and Myopic Foreign Policy view that the World "Revolves around America, while we shine our Light of Freedom upon them".

How awful would it be for Mousavi if he and his movement were seen merely as "Puppets of the West"? Wouldn't that kill his movement in it's crib?

Hayes rightly calls this need to Interject Ourselves into this situation just what it is : Pathological Narcissism.

Hayes: In the long mythology of Neo-Conservativism there's this notion that Reagan single handedly brought down the Soviet Empire because he said "Bring Down this Wall", and that if your really willful and and chest-thumping that the world will sort of bend to your will..


There's just a tremendous Pathological Narcissism on behalf of people like McCain and Graham, that everything revolves around the U.S. and our own Preening Moral Self-Satisfaction and it's really destructive. If the President were doing what they want to do, it would be really worse for the protesters.

There's this virulent strain of Neo-Con ideology that has manifested itself. Every battle is battle between the Righteous U.S. and the Evil forces of Tyranny and Oppression, and that in this kind of solar system way, the U.S. is the Sun, and all Foreign Policy revolves around us and the "Freedom" that we cast out.

It think he nails it right on the head with that one. I think it's about time that we had a grown-up heading our foreign Policy who recognizes that playing directly into the "Great Satan" role - the way that Bush with such gusto - and worsen a situation that is already very bad to start into.

Common sense just might prevail, for once.

Freedom isn't something we can "Give" anyone. They have to fight for it, and protect it on thier on.


Missouri State Rep thinks Kids just need some Motivation - Like More Hunger

Missouri State Representative Cynthia Davis think the kids in her state are just lazy, they need some motiviation - they need MORE HUNGER. Since the state is currently paying for free lunches, Davis thinks they should stop and that would make the little tykes go out and GET A JOB. Yeah, like at McDonald's where they can get some free (crappy, unhealthy) food on thier break.

The only problem is - who says McDonald's is Hiring! It's just that Missouri's current unemployment rate in Missouri is 9.0% compared to an All-Time Historical HIgh of 10.5% in April of 1983. Chances are they're going to be competing with their Parents for that McD's job.

Keith (Quoting Dickens): Have they no Workhouses? Have they no Prisons?



Dean says Demorats need a Spine Implant on Health Care

Even with over 70% of the people behind a Public Option (which would increase competition and lower costs), including more than 50% of Republicans, Democrats like Diane Finestein and Tom Daschle are saying "It can't be done".

That's a load of Bullcrap.

IT.CAN.BE.DONE. if we insist that is *IS* Done.

That's what we voted for, that's what we expect. Get 'Er DONE!