Friday, July 17

Videos From Purgatory: Follow For Now - Evil Wheel/Holy Moses

Next up in the Videos from Purgatory Series is Follow For Now who were one Helluva Band. Signed in the flurry following Living Colour's Double-Platinum Debut "Vivid" this 5-piece Atlanta based outfit where right at the crest of a New Wave of Alternative/African-American music that unfortunately, like to many other music acts whose careers disappeared out from under them in that era, crashed on the Rocky Shoals of Cobain-ville and Lottapoorlosers after 1992. Why take a risk with and keep supporting guys like this when you can sign a ton of Nirvana/Pearl Jam Wannabe's like Candlebox, Bush and Creed?

But that didn't completely stop them, not all of them. Lead Vocalist/Guitarist David Ryan Harris went on to produce a solo record, and worked with a variety of artists starting with former Arrested Development singer Dionne Farris to Mariah Carey. in 2000 he released the first of two records (so far) by his new group Brand New Immortals and current can be found as a member of John Mayer's Backup Band.

I personally would prefer to see him fronting his own groups rather than backing up anybody else, particularly since he tends to ROCK a lot more on his own and seems like so many other Black Artists to get trapped in a generic R&B Rut when he has to play side-man to pay the bills.

This particular Follow For Now video is one I never did see on the air back in the 90's, but I did see their other video "Holy Moses".

There is also this Interview/Profile with the band which talks about the depth and relevance of their lyrics.

Although there may have been some rough spots in their first CD, I think songs like the cool funk of "Temptation", "White Hood" (which switches between and Zepplenish-Metal and Ska), a Metaled-Up cover of Public Enemies "She Watch Channel Zero" (whereas the original had used a Sample from Slayer's "Angel of Death", FFN actually played the riff themselves creating "Rap Metal" long before Limp Biscuit and Papa Roach and even a months before Anthrax's "Bring the Noise" Cover) or the straight-up cool Funkadelic groove of "Fire and the Snake" should've been classics. Unfortunately being stuck in the "Next Living Colour Box" didn't allow people to fully see the incredible potential and how widely varied and talented this group truly was.


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Anonymous said...

"Evil Wheel" came up in my head this morning. I was responding to one of my old friends blog post. We both went to Florida State back in the day and saw FFN. He is now a die hard right-winger and the lyrics of Evil Wheel really spoke (no pun intended) to how the race really hasn't changed.

I used to own this CD and twice have left it in another friends CD player, 10 years apart.

This band was awesome in person. Thanks for the info on their current whereabouts.