Tuesday, August 4

Videos from Purgatory #36: The Hard Corps

Long before Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park or Kid Rock there was yet another predominantly BLACK Rocking Rap band, besides Proper Grounds or Urban Dance Squad, coming out of Nashville Tennessee they were called - The Hard Corps! Their first CD "Def Before Dishonor" was released in 1991 by Interscope Records.

Live version of "Back In Black"

Essentially the Hard Corps was an all Black Rap Group, with an all White Rock Band Backing them up with 3-members of each. Put together and supported by the late Jam Master Jay of Run DMC this group was essentially a full-time version of what Anthrax and Public Enemy did *once* - and only *ONCE* - with their track "Bring the Noise" (Which came out the same year). The group went on to produce two more indie CD's "Hard Corps" and "Metal and Flesh".

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