Sunday, August 2

Videos from Purgatory #31: Roachford - Cuddly Toy

Discovered by ex-patriot American Terence Trent D'arby, Andrew Roachford became a huge star in his native England, but barely managed to make a dent on U.S. shores with his 1988 self-titled debut CD. (Other than it's first single reaching #25 of the U.S. Top 100 Singles Chart) But like a lot of other artists in Electric Purgatory, that didn't stop him for a second.

"Cuddly Toy"

Gotta Love the Marshall Stacks.

From the Bio on his Official Site

Ever since bulldozing his way onto the scene with unforgettable tracks like 'Cuddly Toy' and 'Family Man' in the late 80s, Andrew Roachford's maverick take on music has spread far and wide. As the first artist to sign a staggering seven-album deal with Columbia Records, it heralded the beginning of something big. "Getting signed and being a black British artist gave me a sense of pride" enthuses Andrew.

Andrew's R&B inflected Rock has gained a ton of followers in England over the last decade and he has managed to release all 7 of those albums.

"Family Man"

"This Generation"


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