Monday, August 3

Videos from Purgatory #35: 24-7 Spyz - Crime Story

I gotta say it, but what has happened with 24-7 SPyz is a Fucking Crime! I would be the first to agree that some of their albums over their almost 30 year career have been uneven, but man some of the high points are such pure unmitigated GOLD and it's hard to believe they couldn't possibly have scored at least one break through hit.

But then again, that's exactly what is it to live in Electric Purgatory.

In the early 90's their original singer was replaced by far more smooth and "mainstream" vocalist Jeff Broadnax and the group released two major label Cd's ("This is...24- Spyz" and "Strength in Numbers" which included the song "Crime Story". (This was from the Last show by that lineup in 1993 - the bit where the argue to let the stage-diving kid stay in the club is classic!)

Spyz on Beavis and Butthead w/Stuntman - Did I mention this Kicks Butt?

Spyz started out in 1986 in Brooklyn (Yes, BEFORE Living Colour) with their original lineup featuring P Fluid on vocals showing much more of a Fishbone/Bad Brains influence such as this cover of Kool and the Gang's "Jungle Boogie" from 1989.

After Broadnax left they recorded one more CD with Fluid "Temporarily Disconnected" but he eventually left the group again and for awhile became the vocalist for Bad Brains until they reunited with H.R., from that point on guitarist Jimi Hazel took over lead vocals. Although they've also gone through a number of different drummers they always retained both Jimi and bassist Rick Skatore.

Room #9 and Tick Tick Tick

Earth and Sky (Jimi Hazel on lead vocals)

As a power trio and released what may have been some of their best songs on the CD's "Heavy Metal Soul By the Pound". Here's one track from that CD.

Yeah x 3 (also Featuring dUg Pinnick of King's X)

As of now 24-7 has yet another new release called "Face the Day" and it's just plain mind-blowingly badass - but typically is going completely and totally ignored. The song "Soulsucker" just Fucking Floors me. Wanna know where Sevendust got half their shit? Open your Damn EARS people.

"Face The Day/Soul Sucker" 2003


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