Wednesday, August 5

Videos from Purgatory #38: Wicked Wisdom - Bleed All Over Me

Ok, the group Wicked Wisdom has a fairly well known personality as a member, but I'm not talking about it until after the first video, and people can first listen for themselves without any preconceptions or bias. I will say this though, this group is current unlike a lot of groups I've profile as part of this series, they just toured Ozzfest last year with the likes of Sevendust, Devil Driver, HellYeah and Goat Whore so if you do judge them - it's fair to consider that context.

Does this Band Fit on the Ozzfest stage? You bet they do.

Give up? I'll tell you it's not Keanu Reeves (even though they were in the Matrix Movies). It's not Russell Crowe. It's not Jared Leto. It's not Kevin Bacon and the Bacon Brothers. It's not Queen Latifah. It's not Beyonce. It's not "New York" or "Daisy"!!

Wanna 'nother shot?


Ok, the big mistery is that the lead singer of this group is Actress Jada Pinkett Smith - mother and wife of Rapper/Actor Will Smith. And yes, she has been taking a ton of crap for daring to not play do R&B or Rap like her Husband and for not singing like Jennifer Hudson or someone from American Idol and for whatever other bullshit people want to bring up for no damn good reason other than how she looks - but she still ROCKS, and that's what should count.

But shit ain't like that in the Electric Purgatory.

Unfortunately Jada seems to have put this project on hold while she appears in her first TV series HawthoRNe on TNT.


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