Thursday, August 6

Videos from Purgatory #39: Howe II - High Gear

Greg Howe is a world class Guitarist, after his initial solo instrumental album in 1988 on Mike Varney's Shrapnel Records (which also featured Yngwie Malmsteen and Paul Gilbert) he formed a full-on Van Halen inspired Rock Band with his brother Al on lead vocals called Howe II.

High Gear Music Video

This is Howe II performing at the Guitar Institutute of Technology (GiT)

At little bit of Greg Howe Riffology from the same performance.

Howe II didn't last more than two albums, but Greg hasn't stopped recording. These days you can find Greg doing much more classical and jazz inflected music - but he still blazes.

A bit of a shame Rock music doesn't have room for people like Greg anymore.


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