Friday, June 12

Hate Speech Kills!

As was reported by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and later Homeland Security there is indeed a rise in the intensity and virulence of Hate Groups and "Lone Wolf" Violence.

We've had the Shooting at the Holocaust Museum, before that the Murder of Dr. George Tiller, the Recruitment Center Shooting, the Pittsburg Cop-Killer who was afraid Obama would "Take his Guns", the Knoxville Tennessee killer who Hated Liberals and the Attempted Dirty Bomber from Maine.

There is a connection between the Extremist Gun Culture and these people who are ready, willing and able to kill innocent by-standers in order to make a political point.

It's now interesting how those on the Right, who've been by far the biggest bomb-throwers, and engaged in the most heated rhetoric against "Liberals", "Socialism" who plan to "Take our Guns Away" - even though there's no evidence of that - want to immediately claim that "The Left" is somehow responsible for all this violence.

Sorry, but that's just plain BULLSHIT!.

It's a misdirection, and attempt to shift blame not only away from the actually criminals, but also away from those who really have help enable them.

It's like Sarah Palin, who did start out with a good point in criticizing David Letterman's jokes about her daughter(s) for being inappropriate and over-the-line taste-wise, is now arguing that comments such as these which go unchallenged create an "Atmosphere of Abuse" for young women. I think she's right about that, but then when she Rails against the Scary Federal Government Coming to take over your LIFE - she doesn't see that as creating a potentially Atmosphere of Abuse against public Servants like the Museum Security Guard or the Pittsburg Police who all recently gave their lives to Wingnut Fanatics.

If Letterman is responsible for sponsoring and enabling pedophilia and the degradation of women, then Palin has been emboldening Domestic Terrorism, by allowing people are her rallies to shout "Kill Him", "He's a Terrorist" and "Where's the Birth Certificate?".

If he's responsible for the actions of others based on his statements - so is she.

As a matter of fact, it's RIGHT HERE!

Yes, Obama was born in Hawii - even if he wasn't he would still be a U.S. Citizen since his mother was born in Kansas. Just like John McCain is an American Citizen because his parents were born in the U.S., and he was born in Panama.

At a certain point, people need to back slowly away from the CRAZY!!! Obama is not a Kenyan, he's an American. He's not a Socialist - particularly when half of the Socialism he's being accused of came from Bush (Bailouts), and the other half from Clinton (tax policy) - The Jews and the Illuminati are not hatching Secret Plots Steal our Currency - 9-11 was NOT an inside job - America is not about to be Taken Over by the Government.

All of that is Fracking Crazy Talk.

And you know what - the Crazies are taking it seriously. People are dying. Cut it the FUCK out.

If we have genuine beefs with someone personally or politically, we need to find a way to express those issues using verifiable Fact not hyperbole, rumor, innuendo or crazed conspiracy theories. But unfortunately when we have prominent Governors and Members of Congress (like Michelle Bachmann) exposing the nuttiest things imaginable like the idea the we need an "Anti-American Test" of Congress - getting that slow boil of Paranoia and Hate back down to a mild simmer gets all the more difficult.

And all the more neccessary.



Anonymous said...

Southern Poverty Law Center? The same organization that funded Elohim City (and Timothy McVeigh) who were responsible for Oklahoma City? The same group that has been found responsible for FUNDING and HEADING white supremacist groups? If you start restricting the rights of speech of the worst of us then you open the door to restricting the rights of speech to the best of us. Hate speech is morally wrong, but those who say it have every right to under the constitution (unless it's a "yelling fire in a theater" situation or threatening harm). Giving up freedoms for security denies you both.

Vyan said...

SPLC did not Fund Timothy McVeigh, that's an outrageous claim and should n't but taken seriously without citation. They have a long and successful history of figting Against Supramacist Groups. Get your facts straight.

--Hate speech is morally wrong, but those who say it have every right to under the constitution (unless it's a "yelling fire in a theater" situation or threatening harm).--

That's exactly what they *ARE* doing, because we're all in the theater together right NOW, and people like Randal Terry, Limbaugh, Bachmann and Palin are screaming about Fake "Fires".