Wednesday, June 10

Pro-Life Groups need to Stand up Against Christian Terrorism

In this clip from Rachel former Evangelical Anti-Abortionist Frank Schaeffer calls out the Pro-Life movement for not standing up and helping to STOP the violence and vandalism which is occurring at Women's Clinics and attacks on Doctors.

If those people who are Pro-Life like this person here, don't want to be associated with murderers like Scott Roeder, they need to do more than just complain and whine when these types of crimes happen, they need to help stop them.

I sympathize which his feelings here, as a Black Man in American I know exactly what it's like to be held responsible for every other guy who might look a little bit like myself and have to deal with people and law enforcement who prejudge my likelihood of being a potential criminal based on generalizations and statistics that don't apply to me individually. Every time someone says "Black Men are 8 times more likely to go to Prison", and use that as a justification for Racial Profiling and disparate Sentencing, I get what it's like to be lumped into a group that you personally have nothing to do with.


There are things that can be said in opposition to people like this one who made this comment in response to a Keith Olbermann clip on Youtube.

x FREE Scott Roeden is a HERO for killing Dr. Tiller!

They lie to us saying that "we are a nation of laws"...

Yet our courts have unjust "laws" that allow "doctors" to commit genocide and eugenics to murder thousands of innocent lives.

It is up to righteous people to break these laws and kill these murders!

Tiller killed over 60,000 innocent lives!

Killing terrorist Dr. Tiller was HEROIC!

Watch this video and then ask WHY Obama promotes killing babies:


This is the kind of person that drives us to talk about Domestic Terrorism and the danger of idolizing a murderer. This is the kind of person that is giving Pro-Life groups a bad name. This is the kind of person that needs to be opposed, or else this nation will soon be drowning in blood.


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