Thursday, April 9

Glenn Beck Blames Video Games and TV for Violence, but not himself!!

But our winner, Harold Hill again. It‘s about his continuing attempt to disassociate himself and his inflammatory paranoia about an attack on the Second Amendment, an infringement of gun rights and the need to take your government back from an duly elected president, from a man shooting and killing three policemen in Pittsburgh, because he was afraid of, quote, the Obama gun ban that is on the way.

But now there has bee located criticism so clear, so pertinent that it is unanswerable. A conservative TV host warning that video games and television have a direct cause-and-effect relationship with violence and murder and even the murder of policemen. About the game Grand Theft Auto, this man said “we are training our kids to be killers. If you think that video games are just harmless fun, which everybody always says, you should know that the military, our leaders at the Pentagon, have never seen it that way.”

Who made that pithy observation? The same man who, last May 1st, described what one character in Grand Theft Auto and the people playing the game as him could do.


GLENN BECK, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: When a police officer comes after him, he can either light that police officer on fire or cut him in half with a chain saw. This is entertainment?


OLBERMANN: Oh, hypocrisy and self-absorbed righteousness in unparalleled purity. But it gets better. According to Beck 2008, and no doubt to the surprise of Beck 2009, it is not just video games that can lead to murder.


BECK: According to the journal of American Medical Association just television, the introduction of television in the 1950s caused a doubling of the homicide rate in America.


OLBERMANN: So video game can cause people to try to kill police, and television caused the doubling of the homicide rate. But Glenn Beck reducing the complexities of the world to the level of a video game for his television viewers, and telling them they need to rise up and take back their country before the government takes their guns, that couldn‘t possibly have anything to do with one of those viewers rising up to take back his country before the government takes his guns.

Glenn Beck, accessory, today‘s worst person in the world.

Now I almost sympathise with Beck for people accusing him of advocating Murder or attacking Police - which in plain fact he didn't do - and his current statements that "only the crazy nutball" is responsible for his own actions" because he's got a point about that. It's nice to hear him talk about how people need to work within our democratic framework, and not necessarily become violent. It's a little damn LATE - sometimes you do have to mention the obvious in the midst of calling our Democratically elected President a TYRANT, FASCIST or TOTALITARIAN - and therefore hardly anyone whose been listening to him for the last few months honestly believes it, but it's nice to hear.

However. when it came to Video games, or "TV" in general - he did seem to have a different opinion - that violent imagery and concepts have an impact on people - and NOT JUST THE NUTBALLS.

Hmmm... Full of Shit, Much?


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