Wednesday, June 10

Ed Goes Ballistic over "Socialist GM" Boycott

Ed hits it out of the park on this one... what he hell is wrong with people like Hewitt? Not only do they want Obama to Fail, they now want GM, Chrysler, all their employees and the Entire Country fail purely out of Spite!

Definately Psycho Talk!.

Full Transcript

Hewitt: I won't be visiting a GM or Chrysler lot, now matter the quality of the product. The only way to fight socialism, is to Boycott GM.

Ed: We are talking about hundreds of thousands of Americans. And this is what they have? They openly say, if you‘re angry. No, I think the word is “if you hate Obama.” If you hate Obama. If you can‘t stand the fact that he‘s having success as a president. If you just hate the fact that this guy has got a 60-plus percent approval rating. He‘s trying to save American industry.

If you hate him that much, don‘t buy a GM and don‘t buy a Chrysler. Now the thing that bothers me, this is the crowd that was on the president because they didn‘t—he didn‘t wear a lapel pin. This is the crowd that wrap themselves in the flag and said that the liberals weren‘t American.

Sometimes you have to step back and just stunned at the sheer utter STUPIDITY of some people on the right. This Knee-Jerk Anything-The-Government-Does-is-BAD-BAD-BAD reaction is just so ridiculous. Would they behave this way with our Police, Firefighters and EMTs? They're all part of the Evil Socialized Government!.

Let's just stop having Paved Roads and an Interstate Highway System anymore because it's SOCIALIST!

Both Bush and Obama did what they did with the Bailouts for the greater good, they came in only after the Free Market had completely, utterly FAILED - to help protect America from massive job losses and a potential Second Great Depression. Saving the American Auto Industry is a matter not just of National Pride, it's a matter of National Security to maintain the highly technical manufacturing expertise and personnel inside the nation.

After all that we've been through you DON'T - repeat DON'T - start arguing that those few people who still have good jobs, good incomes and good credit ratings should spend it on Foreign Products instead of at least considering investing in American Cars and their fellow American workers without being called exactly what you are.... Anti-American!.

That goes out to you Mr. Hewitt.



Carolina Nickel said...

When in the World will what true Socialism is, is talked about on the TV? There is not anything evil about Socialism than there is anything righteous about Capitalism.
When the First Saints had all things in common, it was Socialism. What the Natives here before us had, was much better than what we have now. Though for this age it is clearly a combination of socialism and capitalism that we need to get an honest 21st century wage for the working man.

Anonymous said...

Government subsidies or not, commie or not... If GM started selling vehicles at a very low price point, like a new company does, trying to gain market share (Penetration Pricing Theory). People would be lining up to buy these vehicles - no matter what the quality or fuel efficiency. In this recessionary environment companies like KIA or Hyundai are cleaning up because they have low priced vehicles. If Tata motors of India can bring a car to market for $2000 and be profitable (with back orders for years) where have the US auto manufacturers gone wrong? Pricing. Just "sell for less", eliminate overhead to achieve this, and they will be back on top in no time.