Wednesday, June 10

O'Reilly Equates Illegal Torture with Legal Abortion

In this clip Bill O'Reilly seriously attempts to make the argument that the only torture that ever took place under George Bush was the Waterboarding of KSM, al Nishiri and Zubaidah. He chooses to ignore that report from the International Red Cross which shows that nearly everything they did to those men held in both the Black Sites, GITMO, Bagram AFB and Abu Ghraib was either cruelty or torture, not just what was done to those three. FBI Agent Soufan? and the CIA Inspector General's report have both debunked the claim that we found "valuable information" using these techniques, and that these actions were ILLEGAL (as Juan Williams eventually points out) to which O'Reilly says...

Billo: You can dance "the law" dance - all day long. Laws are passed by people and they can be changed.

Juan: Torture is Illegal

Billo: You're hiding behind semantics and meaning Juan rather than getting to the crux of the matter, the Attorney General ruled that Waterboarding was legal

Let just remind Bill that the Attorney General, is not A JUDGE and can't "RULE" on anything. Not to mention the fact that the memo which were issued to authorized various enhanced techniques were vigorously opposed by attornys in the State Dept and NSA, and were eventually all rescinded - while the authors of those memos are facing potentially disbarment.

Bill then goes on condemn George Tiller for his medical practice, which as Juan points out repeatedly, was completely within Kansas Law. There had been a trial of Dr. Tiller which ended in March, but unfortunately for O'Reilly rhetoric he was aquitted.

Kansas law prohibits aborting viable fetuses, which is generally midway through the second trimester, unless two doctors certify that continuing the pregnancy would cause the woman "substantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily function."[28] Tiller went on trial in March 2009, charged with 19 misdemeanors for allegedly consulting a second physician in late-term abortion cases who was not truly "independent" as required by Kansas state law.

O'Reilly claims that Tiller would perform abortions for "any reason", but that simply isn't true.

On the issue of the Recruitment Office Shooting and the Killing of Private Long, I agree that this issue has not been addressed or talked about nearly enough - but I don't think the reason is bias in the media against addressing Muslim Terrorism. I think the issue is simply that NO ONE IS ARGUING IN FAVOR OF THIS SHOOTING and making excuses for it the way that they are for the Killing of Dr. Tiller. Even in his own segment O'Reilly spend much more time arguing with Juan over Dr. Tiller and Gitmo than talking about Private Long, because there's no Controversy over that subject.

There's just a tragedy.


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