Thursday, June 11

O'Reilly Says Missing Coverage of Muslim Shooter Biased, so why doesn't Fox cover it

So, Bill O'Reilly says the fact that Katy Couric didn't cover the shooting at the Recruitment Center by a Radical American Muslim is a case of Media Bias?

O’REILLY: Look, Katie Couric didn’t cover Private Long. Charles Gibson ignored Private Long. Ignored it. Didn’t — didn’t say a word about it. … It’s a news decision, and our news decision is based on what is important. Their news decision is based on ideology.

Ok, so when the survivors of that shooting had a live Press Conference yesterday, exactly why didn't Fox News Cover it?

Despite O’Reilly’s insistence that Fox News has been following the attack story more closely than its competitors, when the lone survivor of the attack, Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula, spoke with reporters earlier today, only CNN and MSNBC carried the press conference live. Fox News never cut to the press conference, choosing instead to focus on Newt Gingrich’s criticisms of the Obama administration from last night’s congressional Republican fundraiser:


I would agree that the coverage has been lacking, but that's mostly because the debate over Dr. Tiller, Abortion and the Free Speech connected to that shootings has simply been incredibly intense, even O'Reilly in his own coverage has spent more time talking about Tiller than Private Long - but there's really no excuse for ignoring the Press Conference that both CNN and MSNBC covered live and in full.


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