Wednesday, July 15

Videos from Purgatory: Nicklebag - Hit it and Quit it

Next in my ongoing series of bands relegated to Electric Purgatory is Nicklebag - not to be confused with that other Nickle... band - which features Rolling Stones Backup Singer Bernard Fowler and former Sass Jordan guitarist (and Native-American) Stevie Salas. The rythym section was a rotating lists who who's who, from Dave Abbruzese of Pearl Jam to T.M. Stevens.

During the Mid 90's the they released 2 albums, ("12 Hits and a Bump","Mas Feedback") both of whom are essentially masterpeices of grooving hardrock, which included a ton of cool covers from a funked and rocked out version of Garbage's "I'm only Happy When it Rains" to this - a cover a Funkadelic's "Hit it and Quit it".

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