Saturday, July 18

Videos From Purgatory #9: Super 8 - King of the World

Number #9 in the Electric Purgatory Series is the debut video by the band Super 8 featuring Bronx Style Bob Khaleel. Prior to putting together this Pearl Jam influenced Alt-Rock outfit, Bob had actually been a successful rapper releasing a solo Hip Hop album. Guess who knows how to do a who lot more than sling rhymes?

I have to say, the Super 8 CD - well over ten years after it's release - remains one of my favorites. Songs like "Mountain", "Pain", "Fire" and "Pills" had a rare level of passion and performance that I really haven't heard since, but it was the song "April 19th" which was either inspired by the destruction of Branch Dividian Compound in Waco, the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building - both of which occured on April the 19th, Hitler's Birthday - is an eerily haunting track, that sticks in your mind no matter how you might try to shake it off.

I saw the television - saw what the pictures told me
I stood in captivation - I felt a cold that almost burned
How often people can be found - the hate that lurks beneath the skin
It never really matters, too busy living you're hectic life
But if it's you're child or you're wife, there's no exception close to home
Can you help those that you're leaving somewhere out there all alone?

Unfortunately "King of the World" was the only Video they ever made before Hollywood Records yanked the plug on the band. But they did get some touring experiences in and here's a bit of their song "Natural" Live.

Amazingly some copies of this album are still available on Amazon. After the group disbanded Bob continued his collaboration with Super 8 guitarist John O'Brien and released the solo cd "People Watching" under the name Khaleel in 1999. (Also available via Amazon)


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