Thursday, July 16

Videos from Purgatory: Killswitch Engage - Holy Diver

Next in the Electric Purgatory Series is the Band Killswitch Engage. These guys seemed to have gathered quite a following even with a rather "Dark" lead singer (Jesse Leach), and that really does go to prove that the real Heavy Metal Fans - not just teeny boppers or pop rockers, but METALERS - really don't give a fuck if your green with pokadots spots as long as you Fucking RAWK!!

I went to plenty of Hard Rock and Metal Shows during the 80's and 90's and never ONCE, not Once, did I ever hear anyone say anything about "What's the Black Guy Doing here, Zeke?! Let's Git 'Em!".

Nope. Didn't happen like that. People, and especially Rock Fans are a lot more open minded than most people would give them credit for. Too bad the industry still hasn't figured that out yet.

I've never been that much into the ScreamCore side of Metal so I don't often listen to Killswitch - but I do like DIO so this particularly clip of CsE covering Dio's "Holy Diver" works out well.

On a side note, I've actually met Ronnie James Dio and I can tell you he's truly a sweetheart of a guy. My wife and I became friends with Dio/Dokken bassist Jeff Pilson and his first wife during the mid 90's and used to house sit for them while he was out recording or touring. Ronnie came by one day for a birthday party, and I have to say he's one of the most down-to-earth guys you could ever imagine for an International Rock Star.

I was actually dumb enough to tell Ronnie that I'd missed one of his shows at the House of Blues because a) I ran into Tom Morello in the audience b) I really REALLY wanted a chance to meet and talk to his opening band Atomic Opera and C) I didn't even realize that JEFF was playing with him at the time. Fortunately my wife saved my idiot ass by pointing out that she'd been a fan of Ronnie's going all the way back to Elf when they had originally toured as the opening band for Deep Purple. Ronni's later group Rainbow was essentially Elf plus Richie Blackmore of DP. I myself had mostly gotten into Ronnie's Music when he joined Black Sabbath to replace Ozzy and put out that great song for the Heavy Metal Movie soundtrack - "Mob Rules". That was one of the tracks that got me really listening to Heavy Rock and not just Earth Wind and Fire all the time. (Ok, I was never that narrow - I was also into Blondie and the Ramones, but you get the idea).

I also really dug Dio's solo band with Vivian Campbell, me and my metal friends in South Central used to sit and re-wind the video of "We Rock" with our eyes wide and mouth open as Vivian's fingers would fly across the fret board. Good Times.

Unfortunately we haven't kept in touch with Ronnie or Jeff (particularly since his divorce and remarriage) so much over the years and I regret that since they're both great guys.


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