Tuesday, July 21

Videos from Purgatory: Lucy Brown - Colorblind

Lucy Brown is not just a girl's name, it's also the name of a band from Washington DC - one featuring Gene Hawkins, Scott Llewellyn, Chris Neuberg and Luis Peraza who released a Self-Titled Funk influenced Rock CD in 1991 on Megaforce Records. (Yes, the same label as Megadeth, Anthrax and King's X). Their sound was a bit like hearing the Chili Peppers get Butt Raped by Led Zepellin with Otis Redding Singing lead.



The record failed to catch fire and the band was dropped by the label, however they did manage to record a follow up EP "Five Dead Dogs" with five songs in 1993 before the untimely death of Lead Singer Gene Hawkins in 1994, after which the band decided to call it quits. It's really a shame too because truly had a uniquely powerful deep voice that I haven't heard from any other singer with the possible exception of my old friend Terry from Shallow.


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