Thursday, July 23

Videos from Purgatory #13: Skunk Anansie - Selling Jesus

Skunk Anansie was a mid 90's band that delivered a high-energy groove inspired punch, starting first with the soaring vocals of their exotic front woman - Skin!

Selling Jesus

This particular tune was used a the main theme for the Tom Sizemore/Ralph Fiennes film "Strange Days", and certainly gives the Televangelist crowd a hard knock to the forehead.

I Can Dream

After releasing their Second CD Skin teamed-up with Sevendust to release the track "Licking Cream".

The band did well overseas, but after a lack-luster U.S. response following thier third CD eventually broke up in 2001 although there are rumored to be doing some reunion shows in their native England. Skin had released some solo material in the meantime.


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