Saturday, July 25

It's NOT A CRIME to pursue your rights in your OWN HOUSE!

Can't you hear the outrage?

    "Damn, do we have a bunch of Uppity Negroes around here - or what?

    First you've got Bougee professor dude who think he' can Bum Rush a cop out of his house. Don't he know he was born a suspect? Can't expect no respect from the PoPo.

    Just cuz he be Published and stuff? Got a TV Show too? Go tell it to TMZ.

    And now - NOW - we've got this Kenyan Negro Upsurper President saying that a White Cop, merely doing his job to maintain law and order was acting "Stupidly?" STUPIDLY?

    We can see right through President Acorn/Anarchist! It's clear you don't WANT Law and Order, you just want all your buddies and racial pals to get over on the White Man.

Whether or not the police officer or the "helpful" neighbor were Racist or not actually isn't the biggest issue in the unwarranted arrest of Skip Gates.

What strikes me the hardest is the fact that Professor Gates was Entirely Within his Rights and was consequently Punished for having the temerity to exercise those rights.

Both parties is this dispute agree that the Burglary Phone Call was probably a mistake on the part of a over-protective/over-fearful neighbor who apparently thought a 58 year-old-man with a cane, and a tuxedo wearing chauffer trying to open a stuck door were a burgeoning crime wave in Cambridge.

I'm willing to let that one go, although I can see how the Stupidity of it might give some a bit of pause, if not make one a tad testy.

Both parties agree that Professor Gates was who he said he was, and his house was where he was standing.

So at this point the "Investigation" is functionally over. But things don't end there.

According to both parties, Gates then asked for the Officer's ID and his Badge Number. No matter whether he asked this question at the top of his voice, or in a whisper - he has EVERY RIGHT to ask this question.

Then you have another view as presented by "Progressive" Talk Show Host Johnny Wendell on his Facebook.

As per Professor Gates and his arrest: Has anyone considered that the issue here isn't race, but class? A well-heeled academic gives a lowly working class cop a lot of lip in a city where the working class has felt shat on by the powers that be (especially at Harvard) forever. Anyone with any street savvy, white or black, knows that mouthing off to the po-po is dumb. I woulda "yes sirred" until the cop was gone.

Is that really supposed to be the standard? "Yes, Sirrah"... "Yesah, Massah - I promise Iz won't do it agin..."

From his police report Sgt Crawley states he was surprised that Prof. Gates wasn't "Grateful" that Cambridge police were so attentive. Yeah, ok, right- maybe that is what he was thinking in his mind, but what *I* would be thinking is Exactly What makes you (or anyone) think I Look Like a Suspect?.

From this you get Gates questions: "Is this because I'm a Black Man in America?" and "Do you know who I am?"

Whether shouted from the rooftop or mumbled - There is Nothing Wrong with ASKING A QUESTION.

Yet this Officer, now knowing that this was Prof Gates Home and Personal Residence, persisted in asking him to step out onto the porch - which he did - and then once on the porch arrested him for "loud and tumultuous behavior in a public place"

Are you fracking kidding me?

Hey man, it wasn't a "public place" until you asked him to come out onto the porch. No matter WHAT Gates may have asked or said to the Officer while he was in his own home, he had every right to do so - and the Officer knew it or else he wouldn't have loured him outside so he could then slap cuffs on him in clear retaliation for his lack of "Gratitude".

It's just that simple. Could it have happened to a White Guy? Sure it could, but the point is It Shouldn't Happen to Anyone.

This was an act of intimidation. "You dare to threaten to file a report on me? I'll show you - and in the process preemptively undermine any claims you might have..."

Think I'm overstating it? Well, let's let MR. I'll-Never-Ever-Apologize Speak for himself.

Doesn't look too worried does he, and Why should he when Cambridge has provided this handy - How To get arrested Guide.

Most of the problems you may encounter with the police can be avoided. Remember, they have a right to stop and question you based on probable cause. If you are stopped, you should collect your thoughts and remain calm. Whether or not you are arrested may just depend on how calm and prepared you are at this time. There are factors that the police may take into consideration when observing you. Every situation is different and the officer may consider the following factors:

* If you are running and a crime has recently been reported in the area.
* · If you are "hanging around" with people currently under police investigation.
* · If you are near an area where a crime has just been reported and may have witnessed or participated in the crime.
* · If you are in an area which the police believe to be abandoned or unoccupied, or are present on public or commercial property outside of appropriate norms.
* · If you are acting in a manner which appears to be suspicious.
* · If the police believe you are in possession of stolen property.
* · If stopped while walking or driving your car, you refuse to answer police questions, or give false, evasive or contradictory information.
* · If you match a suspect profile described to the police.
* · If you use derogatory or offensive language, you may be saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

While these things are taken into consideration when questioning you, the police MUST STILL RESPECT YOUR RIGHT TO REFUSE TO ANSWER QUESTIONS THAT SOUND ACCUSATORY.

So basically, you better watch your mouth even when the COPS ARE WRONG.

Isn't it great to be living in the "Land of the Free and Home of the Scared?"

I know I feel just Peachy.


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