Friday, July 24

Videos from Purgatory #14: Dan Reed Network - Mix It Up

The Multi-Racial group Dan Reed Network were probably one of Englands Biggest Acts during the Late 80's/Early 90's, which is fairly strange for a band that was actually from Portland Oregon. Mixing Rock, Soul and Funk in a manner reminiscent of slamming Prince Jamming and Bon Jovi in a blender on puree' this group was able to sell out major stadiums overseas, but hardly generated a whisper in their own home country.

I actually managed to meet Dan Reed himself about the time the above video was made in 1991 in front of Doug Weston's Troubadour at a gig for my friends in the Boston Band Flesh, who were in the midst of having a demo produced by Dan. Eventually Flesh's first album was produced and released by Extreme's Nuno Bettencourt (who was their lead singer Paulo's younger brother, and their guitarist Markos was Gary Cherone's younger brother).

Here is an earlier Dan Reed Network Video from their more "Bon Jovi" period on The Late Show in 1988.

Although they couldn't get arrested on U.S. Soil, Dan Reed Network produced three albums, "Dan Reed Network"(1988), "Slam" (1989) &"Heat" (1991) while touring Europe and the UK with bands such as Bon Jovi and the Rolling Stones. But eventually the lake of U.S. success forced the band to break up, but Dan didn't give in - he joined with guitarist Raf Hernandez of Maggie's Dream to form the group Adrenaline Sky during the mid 90's.

See, some Old Rockers just refuse to fade away, they just adapt, change and keep rocking!


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Eric said...

Dan's actually back after a lengthy sabatical and doing quite well. He's been doing an acoustic tour and returns to the UK with a full band/DVD recording in early november. Check it out -