Friday, September 3

We can't possibly Lose Congress & America to these Wackjobs!

I mean seriously, are we really looking at having Sharon (Obtuse) Angle as a U.S. Senator instead of Harry Reid? Or Rand (Anti-Civil Rights) Paul? Carly Fiorina who shot her mouth off as financial spokesperson for McCain and was benched as being too embarrassing by his Campaign? Mega Millionaire's Rick (Medicare Fraudster) Scott and Mega-Ebay Bucks Whitmann buying their way into Governorships? Jan (Icabod) Brewer who sees dead head-less torsos in the Arizona Desert? Tim Pawlenty who says the Federal Government is a like a Drug Dealer for cash strapped towns and business?

Were looking at losing Congress to this pack of wackjobs and hucksters?

I mean really?

How the hell can we not be motivated by that?

How the hell can we let people who think that the Constitution was built upon numerous references to "God", "The Free Market" and "Capitalism" be the ones running this Country?

(For the record, No - I'm not against or disparaging "God" or "Capitalism" only people who wrongly think those are Constitutional Tenets when they aren't even mentioned once in the entire document.)

They want to "Take the Country Back" to it's original founding? Back to where the Declaraion of Tea Bagging Independence read: We hold that all White Male Land and Business owners are created (more) equal, with the inalienable right to pursue and exploit anyone elses land, labor or oil especially from Non-Christian Heathen Socialist/Communist Illegal Alien Islamic Scum!

This can't be happening.

The facts are the Illegal Immigration is actually down by 60% over the past two years, while enforcement and deportations are up as much as 25% from the where they were at the start of Bush's first term.

Yet they continue to Fear-Monger and claim Obama has "Done nothing" about it? Yeah, except send 6,000 Troops and Predator Drones to the border.

On our side we have Facts.

On their side they have Ridiculous Bigoted Ass Clown Propogandists like Andrew Breitbart and his buddy/felon James (Pimp Daddy) O'Keefe, Louie (Run from the Terror Babies!) Ghomert, and Paul ("I have a Reverse-Robin Hood budget scheme") Ryan.

During this year the private sector has gained back over 760,000 jobs with a 63,000 private sector job increase reported for August. Yes, of course we need more - much more - but do you really think we're going to get what we need as a nation from Speaker Boehner!?

Let that sink in - we're seriously looking at having SPEAKER JOHN BOEHNER.

Or Senate Majority Leader Mitch (Mc'Chinless) McConnell who takes "Obama at his word" that he's not a Filthy Muslim Traitor.


With the minority they currently have in the House and Senate, Republicans have done everything they could to block relief for small business with increased lending, blocked support for those who remain unemployed, stalled and watered down Wall Street Reform to prevent more financial disasters like the one that we're still recovering from, stalled and watered down desperately needed Health Care Reform, watered down the Economic Stimulus, DEFENDED BP and Big Oil despite their negligence causing the biggest environmental disaster in U.S. History and on and on and on...

It was Bush who ballooned the spending all out of proportion before Obama became President. Nearly all of our current Deficit goes straight back to him.

Together with the economic downturn, the Bush tax cuts and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq explain virtually the entire deficit over the next ten years (see Figure 1).

The deficit for fiscal year 2009 was $1.4 trillion and, at nearly 10 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), was the largest deficit relative to the size of the economy since the end of World War II. If current policies are continued without changes, deficits will likely approach those figures in 2010 and remain near $1 trillion a year for the next decade.

Rather than let Bush's deficit busting tax cuts expire, their agenda is to shut it all down. All of it.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said he thinks the Republicans are hinting at shutdown with their promises to defund everything.

"They want to shrink it to where it doesn't work, and then when it doesn't work, they go, 'Look! It doesn't work, get rid of it.' And that's been their strategy all along," Trumka told TPM Thursday after speaking to reporters at a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor. "They don't talk about how to make things effective; they talk about how to get rid of them."

The push to shut down the government that Dick Morris floated to conservatives last week is picking up some steam. Democrats who experienced the shutdown in 1995 and 1996 told TPM it was disastrous and it would be "un-American" to force people to endure another one.

Their clear goal was to functionally disable the Government, then turn around a whine "See the Government is Disabled - you can't trust it, you can't DEPEND on it - so let us RUN IT (into the ground)!" They're a pack of Bible-thumping nihilists. A God-Squad of Social-Economic Darwinists. Survival of the Most Entitled and Economically Protected Classes Only, screw the rest of us out here in the cold. For them it's as if America was still a frontier, and there was enough open space for anyone to put up a fence, build a cabin and live off the land - (that the government Gave THEM after stealing it from someone else!)

Why on earth would we EVER want to give these guys more power to block, obstruct, limit, defund and destroy our country?

We may not like everything Obama has done or how he's done it. We may be unhappy about the lack of a Public Option, comments about the "Professional Left" or "Fuck the Unions" or Gitmo, Indefinite Detention, escalating Afghanistan, a lack of action on War Crimes Tribunals or Torture Trials. While we may grumble about all that we also have to recall that Obama never campaigned as a Liberal or Progressive so we shouldn't be surprised if he doesn't act like one now, but on the other hand he certainly Isn't a Wackjob like these Frackers!

We're gonna have to grin and bare our disappointments. Pull it together and hit the pavement, and hit the phone banks to support the Democrats this November. Yes, gulp, even the Blue Dogs if they win the nomination. The alternative is too horrible to contemplate. If we can't generate excitement and enthusiasm over all the historic legislation that has passed, from the Lilly Ledbetter Equal Pay Act, to the Matthew Sheppard Hate Crimes Bill, the Nuclear Disarmament Treaty, the Iranian Sanctions, the First Serious Health Reform in 45 years, tax cuts and credits for 95% of Americans and small business to help them hire, $26 Billion to keep our Teachera, Firefighters and Police on the job, saving our economy from collapse and the American Auto Industry from the brink of bankruptcy and disaster, beginning the largest investments in clean energy in history, cutting tax loopholes that encourage businesses to ship our jobs overseas... we need to take a page from the oppositions book and point out exactly what we have to Lose if the other side gains power.


If you don't exactly like the Democratic candidate - just take a look at their opposition and motivate yourself to Keep them Out. If you don't feel energized to vote for something - you've got to get out there and VOTE AGAINST THESE PEOPLE.

We have got to keep them OUT of Power. Period. Let's get energized about that if nothing else.


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