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Restoring teh Stupid

these people are dumber than a pile of broken rocks. And deluded too.

Interviews with Attendees of the "Restoring Honor" Rally...

Restoring teh stoopid - it burns - it Burns!

Frankly, this set of interviews, which is independently done by New Left Media is the best coverage of the event I've seen so far.

Woman: We came out here to stand together and show people we're not crackpots.

Man: We have to take back America.

Woman: We're restoring honor and freedom. The things that are going on in the White House right now are just insane, it's becoming communist and socialist - it's just crazy.

Woman: They used to teach pride in your country in schools, they don't do that anymore.

Woman: We're the only nation like this in the world.

Man: This is the last bastion of hope, in the world. Right here. America. (Ed. "Help me, Obi-Wan Merica - you're our only hope!")

Interviewer: A lot of people are criticizing Glenn Beck for having this rally on the Anniversary of Dr. King's "I have a dream speech".

Man: It's not "insensitive." The idea that Al Sharpton is going to come here, and bring his Black Panthers to try and start some kind of wrong. Because Al Sharpton doesn't own the day. The Black people don't own the day. The African American People don't own the day.

Yeah, I'm really glad to know that everybody has the day, both the Black AND African Americans..., and their Black Panthers with Al Sharpton.

Woman: No one owns George Washington as an occasion.

Well, that would be correct ma'am - I have yet to have the occasion of George Washington. Owned or unowned.

These people are like meat - with eyes.

Interviewer: A lot of what people were concerned with was the fact the person who was speaking at this event is someone who had accused Barack Obama of being "a racist, with a deep seated hatred for white people".

Man: They're saying that Glenn Beck said that?

Interviewer: Yeah.

Man: I don't think he said that, you're getting that wrong. No, I don't think he said that.

Interviewer (Asking woman): You think he said that?

Woman: I haven't heard him say that.

Man: I never heard Glenn say he was a racist. I never heard him say that. I've never heard him be disrespectful to the President.

Man: Glenn Beck wouldn't say that. You're just turning words around here and I ain't talking to you no more.

Man: Well, if I heard that I'd believe it - because he is a bit of a racist, and a bit of an elitist.

Woman: I agree with him.

Interviewer: And why is that?

Woman: Barack Obama has done nothing but separated this country, and caused Blacks and White against each other. (That's an exact quote!)

Interviewer: How's he done that?

Woman: Oh, a long list of things.

Woman: I can't believe this country would elect someone so anti-progress and pride of America. That would willfully destroy the country and divide us on the issue of race.

Woman: I believe with the Birther People, I don't believe he's even a legalized citizen. I don't think he's a Christian, I think he Muslim at heart and he only joined that Church in Chicago for political reasons.

Wow. Just wow. Now we know that even without all their stupid signs, they're still pretty stupid and more than a little bigoted.

It's not like you sound like an ignorant hick, but yes you're fat ass does racist and idiotic in those pants.

For further context - you have this bit from Sam Seder and "That's BULLSHIT!"

.0046 percent Black people? And to think that instead of Park Police estimate of 87,000 if you use Glenn Beck's attendance estimates (over 100,000) or worse - Michele Bachmann's (500,000) - you start having to deal in negative exponents of 10. Which is pretty damn small.

Man: I love Glenn Beck, I just wish he's be more consistent about one thing. When it comes to Van Jones, Anita Dunn, Barack Obama he shows the communist connections very well, he demonstrates that and gives proof. But when it comes to Martin Luther King he feels the need to toe the political correct line

I'd love to see more black people at tea party events, because when they do come they're treated like celebrities... I wish there were more.

I'm thinking that "Dr Martin Luther King the Communist" rhetoric isn't going to get us to jump up and come running your way. Not hardly. It's more like shades of Hoover and COINTELPRO with that noise pal.

Anyhoo - back in the first video they did start to discuss the "Victory Mosque" at Park 51, not that any of them even knew what it was really called. Black people don't "own the day" and have no right to feel "sensitive" about King - who was also killed by a terrorist - or Beck - who insulted the first Black President by calling him a racist - but all the White Christian-Americans (who don't live in New York and had no direct connection to the attack) apparently have Ground Zero and the blocks East, West, North and South of it around Tikrit, on Escrow!

Man: I think it's a stick in the eye to the American people.

Man: This has nothing to do with religious freedom.

Man: How many mosques are in New York right now, a bunch of them. why do they another one - just to slap us in the face?

Man: Islam is not just a religion, they couch it as a religion - but it's a lifestyle. When you buy into the Islam Religion, it's everything.

Woman: It's not that they can't build the mosque, but why do they have to build it there? They don't need to thumb their nose up at us.

Man: I think it's sticking the eye in the America people. 3,000 people died there - by Muslims.

Man: They're sticking their thumb in our eye. (Ed: Ok, this guy at least got the anatomy correct)

Man: We don't want this to become another Mecca, a Muslim victory.

Man: Not only does this smack the families in the face, but America in general. (Ed: Well, at least they didn't try to ram it down your throat, like Health Care - now it's all about eyes and faces!)

Interview: How far away should they put it?

Man: How about 100 miles?

Woman: They have more mosques in New York than you can shake a stick at, why the devil do they need another one?

Interviewer: Some say they are confusing radical Islam with more moderate Islam?

Man: I learned everything I needed to know about Islam on 9/11.

Well, I think one of the actual 9/11 families might have something to say about that.... especially Talat Hamdani who lost her son, an EMT who rushed into the Towers to save people, on 9/11.

First people assumed that because he was muslim, her son was somehow involved in the attack. She is now receiving HATE MAIL, apparently through someone who had access to her DMV records.

My favorite portion of this interview occurs about 6 mins in ... it should be on a permanent loop in front of Park 51.

Hamdani: He (Gringrich) has no right to get involved in this issue. He did not lose anyone over there. He is not a New Yorker.

All of these politicians are just jumping on the bandwagon, ostracizing me - Americans or muslims like me. Our people are dying. Why are we being held accountable for this action of a foreign terrorist group?

Olbermann: Do you have any concerns about speaking out, in favor, and with your group 9/11 Families in favor of the Park 51 project?

Hamdani: I have no worries because I am standing for what is duefully mine. They are cloaking this issue - as a sensitive issue, too close, too soon. To me it's a issue of Freedom of Religion. All the people who were murdered that day, where not murdered for their faith, race or ethnicity, but for being American and believing in the American values of democracy, freedom, liberty of speech and to persue a faith of your own choice. So the best we can do as a tribute and a legacy to them is to uphold those American values. Unlike, New Gingrich and whoever who is jumping in on this feeding on the bloodshed of 2,700 Americans like vultures. They are the lowest of mankind.

THAT is what being an American is all about. It's not about wearing your cute flag t-shirt while your spouting hated about the "Commies" and the "Muslims" and the "Insane Socialists" - it's not about putting on the clothing and mantle of Ben Franklin while knowing nothing about the values that he stood for - it's about having the courage to say that Rights Matter, even when it makes other people uncomfortable or "sensitive". To be willing to Lead by Example not via Entitlement and whining that "America used to be Special", but not willing to actually stand up and Be Special.

Talat Hamdani is Ten Times the American that any of those thimble brains on the mall will ever be.


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