Wednesday, September 1

Kelly & Crowley Defend Ridiculous Obama Myths

You see, it's dishonest and unfair "pablum" to point out that accusations that Obama is a "Dangerous, Muslim, Socialist" are simply a pack of deranged lies - but then he is kinda socialistic isn't he?
The really funny part is when they start accusing Newsweek of being a "Partisan Rag" - not that's there's anything "wrong with that", but...

Kelly: Shouldn't you admit and tell people you're a partisan rag?

Well, geez, I don't know has Fox News told anyone that Rupert Murdoch gave $1 Million to the Republican Governors Association?

Has Fox News told anyone that the biggest shareholder outside of memeber of the Murdoch Family, is a Saudi Price whose also given money to the Cordoba House/Park 51 project?

They again repeat the frankly ridiculous talking point (which Andrew Breitbart loves to spout) that "Nobody looked into Obama's background", after we had months and months of coverage of Reverend Wrong and Bill Ayers the Terrorist Pal.

Obama is the supposed "socialist" who didn't support Single Payer, and didn't support the Public Option and invited Insurance Lobbyists into the discussion who them demanded the Individual Mandate, and signed a weakened Stimulus Package chuck full of tax cuts for small business, and signed a weakened Financial Reform package, and still has Gitmo open and just gave George W. Bush a verbal reach around as he declared the Iraq War Combat Operations complete?

Regardless of what these partisan hacks spout, it's very clear that Obama Derangement Syndrome is very, very real.

A majority of Republicans believe that President Barack Obama “sympathizes with the goals of Islamic fundamentalists who want to impose Islamic law around the world,” according to a survey released on Monday.

That figure, buried at the very end of a newly released Newsweek public opinion poll, reflects the extent to which a shocking bit of smear and misinformation has managed to become nearly commonplace within the GOP tent.

There is no evidence, NONE, ZERO, that Obama "sypathizes" with Islamic fundamentalists.

The article they're all wee wee'd up over is simply an attempt to analyze and explain the previously reported Newsweek poll which says that well over 50% of Republicans think Obama wants to impose Sharia Law on the nation. And Alter's explanation makes sense...

Associational distortion and GOP complicity are certainly part of the explanation for the belief that Obama is Muslim. So is the prevalence of something psychologists call motivated reasoning. As I wrote last year, when people engage in motivated reasoning they “seek out information that confirms what they already believe,” as sociologist Steven Hoffman, visiting assistant professor at the University at Buffalo, told me then. They do not “search rationally for information that either confirms or disconfirms a particular belief.” In this Internet age, there is no shortage of sources you can find “proving” that Obama is Muslim (or that the moon landings were faked, or other false claims). “People completely ignore contrary information” and “develop elaborate rationalizations based on faulty information,” Hoffman explained.


McCain supporters said there is a 56 percent chance that Obama is Muslim, the scientists report in a paper in the current issue of the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General. But when the same McCain supporters were asked to fill out a card asking for their own race, which brought the topic of race into their consciousness, that jumped to 77 percent. Just thinking about a social category that differentiated the volunteers from Obama was enough to get them to believe a falsehood. This effect occurs with age, too. Undecided voters said there is a 43 percent chance McCain is senile; when they filled out a card asking for their (usually young) age, that increased to 73 percent.

Kelly & Crowley want to argue that "most" Republicans don't believe this nonsense, when the fact is They Do and part of the reason they do is because it's part of the GOP/Fox strategy to demonize the President, rather than honestly, openly or fairly critique him - let alone report the news. They are the masters of the Smear and Dodge tactic, repeatedly rationalizing and justifying outright lies and paranoia for political gain, then proclaiming no responsibility for it like Bart Simpson walking out of a candy store with a pocket full of M&M's.

"I didn't do it, Nobody saw me do it - You can't prove anything!"

But we did see you do it - you're doing it right now - and we can prove every bit of it.


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