Sunday, August 9

Videos from Purgatory #42 : Xavion - Eat Your Heart Out

1984 Xavion was an All Black Hard Rock band with a Glam Edge from Memphis Managed by Tommy Mattola (Hall & Oates, Sony Records, Ex-Husband to Maria Carey) Considering the other Glam Bands that got big in the 80's these guys are about average and would've done well playing gigs with Dan Reed Network, Mazarati or Sound Barrier but instead as you can see from this Performance Video (Embed Not Available) they were essentially being marketed as a dance/R&B band to shows like Soul Train! Epic Fail!

It's true they do have the Linn Drum sound that Prince used to use, plus the heavy use of keys and funky grooves - but these guys are clearly a Rock Band with Huey Lewis sounding break downs or early Bon Jovi-ish screams, and Rock Guitar Solos especially this song - Self Made Hell.


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