Sunday, August 9

Videos From Purgatory #43: Relentless 7 - Shimmer & Shine

Well known for his long history of pop, folk and acoustic songs with his group Innocent Criminals, it appears that Ben Harper has a brand new project - a Rock Band called Relentless 7 who manage to have a both a fresh and retro sound at the same time - IMO a bit like R.E.M. but with some balls.

Here's an Interview with the band by

I have to hope the group well, but looking at the long history of a projects like this - even with Ben's existing notoriety - I have to expect it won't be long before the industry chase him right back onto the Pop Plantation. I might be wrong, the group might make it to their second CD - but if they didn't already have Ben long history behind them, I really don't think they'd be anywhere near where they are already, or would have an ice cube's chance in death valley of surviving.

"Number With No Name" from Jimmy Kimmel Live


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