Thursday, May 14

Hannity on the Garofafufffle!

This is the Hannity show version of the Janeane Garofalo Ambush-a-view I posted the other day.

It's interesting how Hannity has re-edited the footage and also interjected what the viewer is supposed to think about it before and after - while Greta just played it without her own comments.

Now, I've had some mixed feelings about her comments, but Hannity here claiming "I didn't see any racist signs - so there MUST NOT HAVE BEEN ANY" is just plain pathetic. Do the Google, it's not hard. Huffington Post has a ton of them.

The other thing is they're obsessing about how worried and frightened Janeane was of being confronted by angry Tea Party protesters, well you look at how they treated that CNN reporter you might see where she was a bit justified.

Also Griff's claim that he "just happened to see her a Starbuck's" is a load of Crap. She was STALKED. It was announced that they would be at this particular performance to "confront" her, she knew they were coming. I Knew they were Coming I even tweeted about it myself and predicted it would lead to EPIC FAIL - which it did.

Angry TeaPartiers are going to PAY to heckle a Professional Comediane? Oh That's gonna sting in the morning11:34 PM Apr 28th from web

Lastly, "Why are Liberals so Angry?"

Because they were fucking paying attention for the last 8 years. They were watching as our troops went into the pointless meat grinder of Iraq, because of LIES extracted via Torture. They were watching as our national infrastructure and our treasury was RAPED and Pillaged by greedy corporate clowns. They were listening as they were called "Coward", "Traitor", "Surrender Monkey", "French", "Socialist", "Homo", "Weak", "Lazy", "Needy", "Whiny" and "Anti-American".

Now the RNC is going to vote that were supposed to be the "Democrat Socialist" party. So do we get to vote to call Republicans the "Corporate Fascist Asshat" Party?

At least that name would be accurate.

I couldn't imagine why anyone might get angry about anti-freeze in our toothpaste, poison in our medicine, collapsing bridges, Enron, Madoff, AIG, Hillbilly Armor, our troops being electrocuted to death in the shower by a contractor who roofies and rapes their own female employees!! Or the corruption and malfeasance of Jack Abramoff, Brownie, Jean Schmidt, Michele Bachmann, Lorita Doan, Monica Goodling, Gonzo, Yoo, Bybee and Scooter.

Let me speak directly to the Tea Partiers here, and because I want them to actually listen for a moment I won't call them "Baggers', if I may.

The reason we don't take these "Tea Parties" seriously is because we've been way MORE PISSED at a lot of REAL SHIT that's been going on for a long, long time, including the Budget problems but... where the FUCK you were you guys?

What brought all this out of the woodwork all of us sudden? Is it wrong to note that the one thing that changed 3 months ago - is Obama in the White House?

I don't think so.

Is it wrong to note that it's not possible to fix all these problems this fast and therefore there are really only TWO possible reasons why Tea Partiers are so suddenly feining outrage and trapped in such crippling fear that they would rip-off Ron Paul's Idea - a) They Fear a BLACK President and b) They Fear a LIBERAL President.

Both attitudes are based on bigotry, either racial fear and hatred or ideological fear and hatred - neither is justified and both should be denounced.

If anything you guys should realize Obama is on your side, he wants to try and FIX all this crap, and admittedly he may not be perfect, but he's our - and your - Last Hope.

What say you Tea-People?



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