Tuesday, May 12

Liz Cheney vs Eugene Robinson on Torture

Sorry, but Eugene is absolutely correct. Getting a lawyer to write a memo saying that a War Crime isn't illegal, doesn't work. That CAN'T be allowed to work of the very existence of War Crimes and torture become meaningless. This isn't "Matter of Opinion" - the International Red Cross has already confirmed that it was torture, and not just the Waterboarding - All of it.

FBI Agent Ali Soufan who was the first person to talk to Zubaydah has Completely Debunked Liz's claims that they had to do what they did - they didn't.

As President Bush's top lawyer, Alberto Gonzales pressed counterterror officials to use brutal interrogation techniques on terror suspect Abu Zubaydah in 2002, even when those techniques hindered Zubaydah's cooperation, a former FBI agent who was present is expected to testify Wednesday before Congress.

In the first public testimony of anyone directly involved, former bureau agent Ali Soufan is expected to directly contradict assertions by CIA officials and former Vice President Cheney that the "enhanced interrogation techniques" were successful in prying information out of al Qaeda detainees.

Cheney has said that the CIA interrogation program that began in Thailand in 2002 "saved thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of lives."


Soufan will testify that within an hour of Abu Zubaydah's arrival at the secret prison, he was revealing parts of the 9/11 plot and had identified the mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Soufan has contended publicly that the FBI approach to interrogation had been so successful, George Tenet ordered that the gravely ill Zubaydah be kept alive.

According to a former intelligence operative at the scene, Zubaydah's confessions and intelligence collected by Soufan and Gaudin resulted in the CIA determining that "death was not an option" for the prisoner. Tenet wanted Zubaydah kept alive, and to continue talking. A top Johns Hopkins surgeon was flown in to treat Zubaydah, and the two FBI agents helped nurse the terrorist into good health. The former operative tells ABC News that the intelligence continued to flow, as Soufan interviewed Zubaydah in the hospital while tending to his recovery. But that all ended when the CIA's team of specialists and a contractor arrived to take over interrogations.

So if he was talking about the inner workings of Al Qeada within the first few hours - why did they really need to waterboard him 83 Times!

Maybe it wasn't because he was holding back the truth, maybe it was because he wouldn't admit to a LIE that Saddam Hussein had connections to 9-11?


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