Sunday, May 10

Real Time: GOP = Just a bunch of Dicks!

I gotta say it, Maher simply nailed it this time. In his ending riff he points how outside the curve Obama was for the common sense suggestion of "washing your hands" to help prevent the spread of disease, particularly while so many chicken-littles were running around with surgical masks that aren't design to protect you from getting an infection, and really only function as a sneeze and spit guard for your own microbes.

He goes on to point out that when Obama suggested that fight rising oil costs by ensuring our tires were inflated, he was SCOFFED AT.

"Oh, no - don't ask ME to do something, just get me more OIL!"

Rush Limbaugh is doing odes to coal fired power plants and Glenn Beck is running around praising people who chop down trees in the midst of rising CO2 emmissions - and it's not about an ideology - (except apparently for Michael Steel) they simply do it To Be A DICK!.

Freedom Fries.

Ex-GOPasaur Sammy-Joe the Unlicenced Plumber-Pundit.

Wanda Sykes at Nerdprom-Gate.

Torture works great, you just have to keep trying harder.

Obama's secret FEMA CAMP round-up plan.

Four Different Winger NutBalls have shooting or bombing attacks/plans against Liberals - and the Neo-ConArtists think they're getting "Politically Profiled" because Bush's Homeland Security accurately predicted them.

Bilbo Tea-Baggins!

Show your a true Patriot by threating petulantly to Secede from the Nation!, when they offer you money to help the people in your state!

Isn't it obvious these guys have got NUTHIN! NUTHIN!

It's just plain ole' fashion Dick-ishness.

And I'm thinking the time to put in a call to Lorena Bobbit is drawing close...

Short Diary - just for laughs - Happy Mother's Day. Don't kiss her with that mouth.



Terminum said...

Conservatives gave Obama flak about the "inflate your tires" line because he claimed it would save enough oil to make additional drilling unnecessary:

"Making sure your tires are properly inflated, simple thing, but we could save all the oil that they're talking about getting off drilling, if everybody was just inflating their tires and getting regular tuneups. You could actually save just as much."

In reality, running on partially deflated tires only decreases fuel efficiency by 3%. And most people in America are not driving with deflated tires.

Also, the governor of Texas did not actually threaten to succeed from the Union; that was a myth propagated by the leftist media. He said there is no reason that Texas would want to do that.

Vyan said...

Ah yes, the old "Technicallity" argument.

Yes, it's true that Technically that not everyone is running with under-inflated tires. It's also technically true that most Oil companies have already been granted rights to drill offshore, but simply aren't doing the drilling because of the cost. They only want additional rights because of the boost it gives their stock price when news of the grants become public. Second technical point, Anwar only has about 2 years worth of oil at our current consumption rate. Naturally it won't be extracted all at once so that will stretch out over time, but the impact it will have on our overall Oil reserves will also be stretched out and ultimately be far less than "3%" in any given year.

Rick Perry said exactly what he's been reported to have said, there was like - VIDEO and stuff. Even From FOX.

Not to mention fact the Tom Delay backed up what he said.

The Tenth Amendment is something I support strongly, but if they think that any dispute over it's scope should lead to secession they're sorely mistaken.

The fact that he later backtracked like a scared rabbit from his own rhetoric doesn't technically change what he said, that fact that polls indicate that 48% of Texas Republicans support secession (hence the reason for Perry's Pandering to them) as well as similar comments going on in Georgia, or the fact that technically so-called "Sovereignty Resolutions" have been introduced in Tennesee, Minnesota, Oklahoma and Surprise, Surprise - Alaska.

Whether all of this is just empty rhetoric meant to get attention or something more serious is currently up in the air, but either way it's RIDICULOUS DICK-ISH BEHAVIOR - and that was my point. All "Secession Talk" is "Treason Talk".