Friday, April 17

Obama release Torture Memos, uses "Nuremberg" defense

I gotta say David just hits it out of the park. I've written about this time and time again, there is no question - Waterboarding is Torture, Torture is a War Crime, War Crimes are punishable by upto 5 years in prison and/or capital punishment if the subject dies --- at least 20 detainees have been killed as a result of techniques exactly like those described in these memos, mostly by CIA subcontrators working for the company CACI.

More from Iraq Interrogator Matthew Alexander.

This isn't partisan. It isn't about "Pay-back". It's about Justice, and so far - even though he has allowed us to see and understand what this country became under Bush, Obama is not listening to the clarion call of Justice. He is not enforcing the law.

That has to change.

Also based on my last post, I'm welcoming comment by those who disagree without Snark, or rudeness. America needs to seriously talk about and understand this, because frankly many of us on the center and left feel that what Obama has done by essentially grant retroactive immunity to the culprits and called forth the Nuremberg "I was following orders" defense.

It's despicable.


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