Monday, April 13

Right-Wing Bets on Pirates against Obama - And Loses!

Here's a great collection of right-wing whiners and complainers jawing about haw Obama is "weak and ineffectual" in responding to the Somali Pirate situation. At no point to they "Support The President in this time of Crisis" - all they do is kvetch about how he hasn't done this, or he hasn't done that.

I even got into a minor tweet/flame war with Michelle Malkin over this when she said.

@michellemalkin The U.S. government policy is to not negotiate." - Navy Vice Adm. William Gortney. Has Obama uttered these words yet? #tcot #pirates
about 21 hours ago from TweetDeck

This she said - almost at the exact MOMENT that the rescue was taking place. My response?

Vyan1 Obama OKd Seals to defeat Pirates rescue Captain @michellemalkin whines that they "Violated gov policy" by negotiating. Yeah, AND WINNING!
about 20 hours ago from web

Then I got his Direct Message from Michelle.

michellemalkin "You completely misunderstood and mischaracterized what I said."
about 12 hours ago from web

She also stopped follow me so I could respond to her directly. So I'm responded openly.

Vyan1 God, so sorry Michele my bad what part of Obama the "anti-christ-muslim-fascist-tyrant-surrender-monkey" did I get wrong? must flog self now
about 12 hours ago from web

And in fairness, maybe I did "misunderstand her". But I think she misunderstood me too. The point of my response was that it was through negotiating with the Pirates, offering them food, water and a TOWING LINE that the Navy was able to keep them under control, dependant and within Sniper Range of their ship.

If they hadn't done, exactly what the did - keep their mouths SHUT so as to avoid telegraphing their next move - negotiated the pirates into a vulnerable position then take full advantage of that when the oppurtunity arised, this entire story might have turned out differently.

It might have turned out the way that BUSH might have handled it - which would have been to Grandstand, Swagger, Bluster, talk a ton of SHIT then completley FUCK IT UP!.

Instead, Obama quietly got the job done and still had time for the Easter Egg Roll.

Man, that's gotta sting for them.


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