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Fox's Operation Save Saint Sarah: Phase 2

So Sarah Palin decided after her brilliant performance trying to upstage the memorial service for those injured in the Loughner attack to double down and upstage Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day by making a whirl wind tour of Sean Hannity's Satellite feed. You see six people were killed last week and 14 wounded in an attempted political assassination, but enough of those whiners and losers - let's get to Sweet Saint Sarah.

Hannity sets it up well...

She's here to respond to the political finger-pointing...

Oh is she? Well, I've got ten fingers and plenty of time - so this should go well.

His first question is just priceless.

Hannity: Where were you and what were you thinking at the time (of the Shooting?)

Yes, because the most important thing about this shooting was what Saint Sarah thought!

Palin: I was thinking how atrocious it was and evil it was to kill innocent..

And some people think it's pretty evil to kill Bambi's innocent mother for meat you don't even need just to boost the ratings on your phony/adventure vacation slob hunter show - but I digress.

Hannity: I googled your name and "Tucson shooting" and got over 10,000 responses connecting you to this shooting

As I wrote yesterday almost no one of any prominence directly connected this attack solely to Sarah Palin or blamed her for it personally - they mostly connected Palin to the fact that Gabrielle Gifford's Office had previously been attacked (doing so by quoting Giffords MSNBC interview from 10 months ago) and they talked about our toxic political climate - which included extreme statements mostly from Sharon Angle ("Second Amendment Remedies"), Glenn Beck ("I'd like to Kill Michael Moore with my bare hands"), Bill O'Reilly ("Could I behead Dana Milbank"), Bernard Golberg ("If it was me, I'd go to the New York Times with a Baseball bat"), Michele Bachmann (We have to be "Armed and Dangerous") with occasional Carl Paladino ("I'm gong to take you out") & Alan West ("Obama should put his life on the line") - all with the possibility that this shooting was connected to that climate.

Sherrif Dupnik didn't blame Palin personally.

Paul Krugman didn't even mention Palin, although he did talk about Beck and O'reilly.

Keith Olbermann mentioned seven people, including himself, for making statements that could have been construed as threats.

Keith Addressed this in his Special Comment Last Night.

Although I've always agreed it was wrong to blame Palin for this particular incident without conclusive proof, it's also premature to claim that a psychotic person couldn't have been triggered to violence by just about anything whether it makes sense or not. Mark David Chapman was triggered by the Catcher in the Rye, and John Hinkley by Taxi Driver. It's still too soon and unclear to rule anything completely out.

Particularly when his ex-girlfriend says he's very political and into the government - and that he's faking being insane to avoid prison.

On the issue of the Gun Sight Map Palin argues (just as everyone else on Fox News already has) that Palin can't be blamed for that because - once upon a time, long ago under a blue moon, in a galaxy far far away - Democrats Did it too.

Oh well, gee, I guess that makes it just fine and dandy then.

(Just for the record, the DLC map they use targets several states as being vulnerable for the 2004 Presidential Election, not people or even specific Congressional offices)

At no time does she or Hannity even mention what happened to 11 out of 20 of the Representatives on her target sights. For those who still don't know - here's a hint:

Vic Snyder (retired, Arkansas-2) received a death threat in the mail in March 2010.

Ann Kirkpatrick (Arizona-1) - her office was attacked in March 2010.

Harry Mitchell (Arizona-5) received several death threats in March 2010.

Betsy Markey (Colorado-4) received several death threats in March 2010.

Suzanne Kosmas (Florida-24) was threatened in March 2010.

Baron Hill (Indiana-9) received several telephone threats in March 2010.

Earl Pomeroy (North Dakota-AL) was threatened in March 2010.

John Boccieri (Ohio-16) received numerous telephone death threats in March 2010.

Kathy Dahlkemper (Pennsylvania-3) was threatened by mail in March 2010.

Tom Perriello (Virginia-5) was threatened in March 2010, including the infamous incident when the gas line was cut at his brother's house; the attacker erroneously thought it was Rep Perriello's house.

Gabrielle Giffords (D-Arizona) had the front window of her office shot out in March.

Tell me, when the Democratic Leadership Council made it's maps - how many of those Representatives received death threats and had their windows shot out or their gas lies sabotaged!?

Just curious.

Palin claims that her initial video response 4 days after the shootings wasn't "self-defense" - it was a defense of those falsely accused! Ok, since this isn't really about you Sarah, Sharon Angle didn't just call for the murder of government officials when she repeated warned/threatened that they might have to resort to "Second Amendment Remedies"? What exactly the the hell was she talking about then? If She's going defend the entire Right-Wing she has a tall order in front of her.

The Republican Party is Ann Coulter's party. It's the party of O'Reilly calling the victims of Hurricane Katrina "drug-addicted" and "thugs". It's the party of Glenn Beck calling them "scumbags" and talking about "choking the life out" of Michael Moore. It's the party of Bill Bennett talking about "you could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down". It's the party of Pat Robertson calling for Hugo Chavez's assassination. Want some more? Fine.

It's the party of Michael Reagan saying Howard Dean should be "hung for treason". It's the party of Brit Hume saying his first thought upon learning about the London terror attacks was, "Hmmm, time to buy". It's the party of John Gibson wishing those attacks on France. It's the party of Neal Boortz calling Rep. Cynthia McKinney a "ghetto slut". Get the picture?

Or some of these gems ...

Let's do a quick review (thanks to Media Matters) of some of the things that Republicans, including Hannity, regularly say about Democrats and Liberals.

  • Sean Hannity suggested that the DNC may have been behind the Abu Ghraib prison abuse photos, asking: "Was that a DNC plot too?" (The Sean Hannity Show, 9/10/04)

  • Laura Ingraham stated that Democratic Sens. John Kerry (MA), Joseph R. Biden Jr. (DE), and Barbara Boxer (CA) are "on the side of" North Korea leader Kim Jong Il because they were opposed to John R. Bolton's nomination as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. (Hannity & Colmes, 4/11/05).

  • Ann Coulter on Bill Clinton, "he was a very good rapist" and "molested the help" and on Al Gore, "Before we knew he was clinically insane" - "He seemed kinda gay"

  • Bill O'Reilly says he doesn't do "personal attacks", except of course for when he does.

  • On The O'Reilly Factor, O'Reilly has referred to media writer and Fox News Watch panelist Neal Gabler as a "rabid dog" and said of New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, "How nuts is this guy?" O'Reilly also said guest Christopher Murray "sounds like a fascist" for saying that that public institutions should not display religious symbols and called former Public Broadcasting System host Bill Moyers a "totalitarian." Students at the University of Connecticut who heckled right-wing pundit Ann Coulter during her campus appearance there earned the title of "far-left Nazis" from O'Reilly. He's also called John Kerry a "sissy", and claimed that Bill Clinton would be welcomed as president by Osama bin Laden.

  • Jonah Goldberg has distorted comments by Sen. John Kerry (D-MA), called syndicated columnist Helen Thomas a "thespian carbuncle of bile," and accused former President Jimmy Carter of engaging in a "mildly ghoulish exploitation of Coretta Scott King's funeral."

  • Then of course there's Michelle Malkin whose has claimed that "the vast majority of Hispanic politicians" believe that "the American Southwest belongs to Mexico;" has referred to certain Californian politicians as "Latino supremacists;" and characterized recent immigration protests as "militant racism" marked by "virulent anti-American hatred."

Despite all this Palin completely blew off the criticism of her using the term "Blood Libel" saying that it describes a false accusation of having blood on your hands. Except there is blood on the hands of the Right-Wing....

Where an Acolyte of Glenn Beck launched an attack on the ACLU & Tides which wounded 2 CHP officers, where a fan of Bernie Goldberg killed 2 people. wounding 5 at a Unitarian Church in Knoxville Tennessee and where Bill O'Reilly unending attacks on George Tiller ended when he was Murdered by Right-Wing Fundamentlaist/Soverentist Scott Reoder, where James Von Brunn killed a guard at the Holocause Museum as part of an intended spree that included murdering Obama advisor David Axelrod, and where Richard Poplowski who bought into right-wing rhetoric that "Obama is going to take all our guns" and killed 3 Pittsburgh Police Officers before being taken down.

That's a total of 7 Dead, 7 Wounded by right Wing Violence in the last 2 years, while not counting the attack on Giffords.

It almost gets kinda sad/funny when Palin starts to complain, after some hefty Hannity prompting, that she and her family have received lots of death threats.

Yeah, well so has Nancy Pelosi from this guy, Gregory Guisti after Glenn Beck did a mock murder scene of her.

ELEANOR GIUSTI: Greg has -- frequently gets in with a group of people that have really radical ideas and that are not consistent with myself or the rest of the family and -- which gets him into problems. And apparently I would say this must be another one that somehow he's gotten onto either by -- I'd say Fox News or all of those that are really radical, and he -- that's where he comes from

Or this guy Charlie Wilson who threatened Senator Patty Murray's Life.

While his actions were undeniably wrong and his choices were terrible, in part they were the actions of others played out by a very gullible Charlie. He was under the spell that Glenn Beck cast, aided by the turbulent times in our economy. I don't believe that Charlie even had the ability to actually carry out his threats.

Or this guy Byron Williams, whom i previously mentioned, who tried to Murder employees of the ACLU and Tides Foundation.

Byron writes, "You want to know about Soros and Tides, yes, Glenn Beck is doing very well uncovering his wickedness, check his 'June' programs for 'Petrobraz', also look into '' "

Byron also writes that "very good information regarding 'Petrobraz' can be found in Glenn Beck's 'June' shows, where he accurately covered the Obama-Soros-Petrobraz-Chicago (Crime Inc.) connections for several days. It's all true."

Byron adds that he "found allusions to the Horizon disaster as a 'false-flag' operation in Alex Jones '' and '' "

"Think like a conspiracy theorist," Byron tells me during the interview. "Except don't use the word 'theory.' Because the conspiracies are not theories. The official report is the lie; the conspiracy is the truth.?"

Other than the fact Byron Williams was fortunately pulled over in a traffic stop and got into a shoot out with Police instead of the ACLU - exactly how is he all that different from Loughner who happens to believe Conspiracy theories about the Constitution that are just as nutty?

But let's not cloud up Palin's persecution fantasies with pesky facts that there is already an epidemic of violence inspired by right-wing rhetoric.

Instead lets listen to her whine that she was falsely accused of a "Blood Libel" while immediately turning around and saying that Loughner was "Leftie".

Palin: (The Map) had nothing to do with an apolitical and even left leaning criminal.

Call me silly but one of these things is not like other. If you are "Apolitical" then you can't be "Left-Leaning" and vice versa. This guy posted political rants on his youtube and his home movies - and just as many have pointed out he didn't espouse any Tea Party ideology in those videos - but he didn't expose any LEFTIST ideas either.


If you gonna to go on and on about how it's unfair to make something political out of this - what's exactly with the "Left Leaning" jab? Was it because he read Marx? Is "Left=Communist" how your mind works? What about Mein Kampf, does "Left=Nazi" to you?

Pardon me but most of us consider being cold "Communist" and "Nazi", not to mention "Socialist" as much a slur as "Tea-Bagger", "Hate-Monger" or "Fascist Scumbag".

What about the fact he read Ayn Rand and if anything, his rants sounded mostly Libertarian which happens to be FAR FAR Right in most people's estimation?

Loughner was operating under a ton of wild Constitutional Conspiracy theories concerning the States authority to coin Gold & Silver, but then doesn't Christina O'Donnell operate under the twisted anti-constitutional theory that their "is no separation of Church and State"? Some of us would call that pretty much "Crazy" too, and she nearly became a U.S. Senator. Rand Paul thinks that when someone walks into a private establishment you - the customer - pretty much become their property to abuse as they see fit. I myself have had an extensive s with Tea Partiers on Twitter who claim the 16th Amendment doesn't authorize the Federal Government to collect Income Tax.

Frankly, as far as I'm concerned there's a whole lot of crazy going on, it doesn't just start and stop with people like Loughner.

People like this guy at the Heritage Foundation who claimed "Obama is a Domestic Enemy" - and got laughs and applause from the crowd.

Or Arizona Republican Trent Franks who said "Obama is an Enemy of Humanity - who has no place in government" :

Is this what you call "Civil Discourse"? You know what you do with "Enemies of Humanity" - you kill them!

But, here's the part that gets under my skin

Hannity: Why do you think the Left Singled you out Governor?

Palin: It's not about me, it's about the message. Those on the Left Hate my message and they'll do all that they can to stop me, because they don't like the message. They do not like to hear that message, and as many of them have promised to do- they'll destroy that message and the messenger.

Oh, so the killer was "Left Leaning" and basically the "Left" will stop at nothing because of their Hate?

Sounds to me like you're connecting this killer to the Left that has criticized your repeated, unneccesary Gun references, in the wake of a political gun crime.

That's just despicable.

Sarah "Death-Panel-Princess/He-Pals-Around-With-Domestic-Terrorists" Palin seriously thinks it's "the Left" that has engaged in a deliberate campaign of fear-mongering, politics of personal destruction and guilt by association?

What Sarah doesn't get, or maybe she gets it but doesn't want it pointed out - is that She's the Hater. She always has been.

When she goes around talking about "Real America" what she really doing is insulting and attacking "Unreal" America - which is the rest of us. She's used double-talk to make it clear that we don't count in her America, and frankly what happens to us doesn't matter.

Just like when she says "When we take up our arms, we're taking up our VOTE!" - is a load of crap. If you're talking about taking up your vote, then you say TAKING UP YOUR VOTE, if you talking about using weapons against your opponents then you say the other thing. If your habit is to say one thing and mean another, why should anyone believe that you say?

Palin: I've repeated over and over my condemnation of violence, and that "when we take up our arms", we're taking up our vote.

People do use combat metaphors in politics, but when she was saying this - it was March of 2010 - while simultaneous all the above threats and attacks were taking place.

Just as I mentioned last week, Hannity then went into a Litany of Left Wing Hate

Hannity: I don't think those on the Left have been very civil to you.

Palin: It reminds me that those on the Left, if it weren't for their double-standards - they'd have NO STANDARDS.

Yeah, that's real civil like isn't it?

In the end Palin takes absolutely no responsibility for her own words, not for "Don't Retreat, Reload", not for targeting Democrats who in the end are threatened and attacked, and further she seems as though she's Defending Beck, and Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin and Michael Savage and Ann Coulter every extreme Right-wing fire-breather for anything they've ever said - yet attacking and blaming the Left for any problematic comments.

A picture perfect performance of total hypocrisy.

Let me leave you with David Corn just to sum it all up as he points out why whenever political violence occurs, everyones prime suspect - Is the Tea Party.

Only 5% of the general public find violence against the government justified, but 13% of the Tea Party.

Corn: Republicans talk about "Death Panels", they talk abut things that are not true. We have to be sure that things like that do not take root in the political discourse.


There should be schism between some Republican leaders who want a respectful and responsible debate - when you start calling people "Nazy" and "Terrorist". Whether or not you tell people there are second amendment remedies, it sets the tone that these people don't deserve to live

Although Palin pretends to want to "play nice" and to oppose "the blame game" - what she clearly shows that she really wants is to be able to play it without anyone else complaining.

She wants to accuse Democrats of being hypocrites and Nazis, but don't anyone dare suggest her words might have any real impact or affect on anyone.

Sorry Sarah, no Sale. You talk smack, you're going to get some criticizing smack right back.


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