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Tea Party Finally Admits it with Yup, I'm a Racist T-Shirts

From the July 4th Tea Party Rally in Lexington Kentucky where T-Shirts declaring "Yup,' I'm a Racist!" were sold.

The Shirt Says on the Front: Yup, I'm a Racist

On the Back: if the Government Says so Because...

1. I support the Constitution
2. I support Free Speech
3. I support the Right to Bear Arms
4. I support the Bill of Rights
5. I support Capitalism
6. I support NO Government Bailouts
7. I support closing the border
8. I support the Military
9. I support the Tea Party
10. I support Jesus Christ as My Savior.

This apparently passes for Irony in Tea Party World. Somehow, just like Alanis Morisette, I do not think they know what that word means.

This list is not why anyone in the Tea Party was ever associated with or accused of bigotry or racism - this is...



And this...

And specifically THIS...

When the reality is that what Obama did with the Stock Market after George W. Bush Crashed it was THIS...

What I haven't seen is anyone in the Tea Party denounce this kind of imagery as inappropriate and bigoted. They clearly think it's JUST FINE! Rather than call this stuff out, they rather pretend "Oh, it just a few guys OVER THERE" it wasn't ME - I didn't hold that sign up, I just stood right next to the guy who did, then whine and play the Victim Card for their not so tacit endorsement of this stuff, which is actually what this new set of Silly T-Shirts are really all about.

Racism comes from people like Mark Williams, who happens to be the leader of the Tea Party Express, who openly says that "Muslim's are Animals".

And from their GOP Rank and File, even before he was Elected you got Stupid Stupid Crap like this...

The fact is that people who support Barack Obama also support the Constitution, including Article 1 which includes the power of the Congress to pass the Laws, and Article 2 which outlines the Powers and Responsibilities of the Presidency - which includes enforcing the Laws, even when he doesn't agree with them or like them. (Unlike Bush who just ignored the Laws he didn't like) After the Supreme Court's Heller decision (which is briefly mentioned in the first video) which established the Right to Bear Arms as a Constitutional Right, there isn't much that the President or Congress Could Possibly do to take people's "Guns Away", not that he's ever suggested any such thing.

It's interesting to note what that shirt doesn't support - the 13th Amendment which Abolished Slavery (almost), the 14th Amendment which guaranteed the equal protection of the laws to all persons within the jurisdiction of the state - regardless of whether they are citizens or how they arrived in that jurisdiction (even Gitmo Detainees) Sure, the first and second amendments are great, but what about the 4th Amendment protection against illegal search and seizures? What about the 5th Amendment Right against Self-Incrimination? What about the 8th Amendment protection from Cruel and Unusual Punishment?

I didn't see any Tea Partiers with big "George W. Bush is a NAZI signs" when he was sanctioning illegal wiretaps (which violates the 4th and 5th) and torture (which violates the 8th Amendment) now did I?

I didn't see any Tea Partiers when Bush cut taxes for people who didn't need their taxes cut and turned the budget surplus into the greatest deficit we've ever had?

I didn't see any Tea Partiers with "George W. Bush is a Communist/Socials/Muslim" when he sent thousands of our soldiers to die in the Iraq War based on a pack of lies generated by ignorance, stubbornness (even after we were specifically TOLD Saddam had destroyed his weapons stockpiles), bribery (Curveball), torture (al Libi) and forgeries (Niger).

There are some legitimate policy issues and leadership issues to criticize Obama for, specifically his far too hands off attitude with BP and the spill cleanup, his aggressive prosecution of Whistleblowers for merely revealing Bush Administration malfeasance and failure to followup on Bush War Crimes - but when President Barack Obama implements the Bailout that Bush Crafted, then manages to actually make a profit doing it by keeping a close eye (certainly closer than Sec. Paulsen wanted) on Wall Street...

The Troubled Asset Relief Program has reached a significant milestone: The amount of TARP funds paid back to the federal government has surpassed the amount that remains outstanding.

Through the end of May, $194 billion in TARP funds had been repaid, compared with $190 billion in TARP funds still owed to the government.

The completion of the Treasury Department’s sale of 1.5 billion shares of Citigroup, which provided $6.2 billion in gross proceeds to taxpayers, was the deal that put repayments ahead of outstanding TARP funds.

Taxpayers also have received $23 billion from dividends, interest and other income through TARP, the program that was created in 2008 to bail out the financial system, but also has been used to prop up corporations like General Motors and Chrysler.

Read more: TARP’s turning point: More money has been paid back than is owed - bizjournals:

When 40% of the Obama Stimulus Bill included Tax Cuts for the Working Middle Class and Small Businesses, when the Budget Deficit actually came down by $400 Billion during his first year, when he manages to do what he can to actually support the Right to Living with a Health Care proposal that requires people to show Personal Responsibility by carrying their own Health Insurance instead of mooching and making everyone else pay for their care in the Emergency Room, when he EXPANDS our Military Involvement in Afghanistan trying to block a safe haven from Al Qeada (after Bush failed to do that for 9 years)... he gets called a Socialist Witchdoctor Nazi Communist Kenyan with a Bone Through His Nose?!

The truth is the Tea Partiers Don't Deserve to be called "Racist" - IMO that's too good for 'em - they deserved to be called a Pack of Fracking Deluded Idiots!  Any confusion with Actual Racists, is merely a function of their Shared Rank Stupidity.

But don't mind me using my still fully functioning Free Speech to say so.


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Anonymous said...

Nice collection of photochops there. You might be interested in the actual data about racism in the teaparty.

"They are essentially indistinguishable from those who do not support the Tea Party in their perceptions of unemployment and racial discrimination as future threats to the country."