Sunday, July 4

After Independence Day - Who do we Wanna be?

I mean this quite seriously... who and or what is this country going to be?

In 2008 we made a choice, we voted to make a difference - we voted for a Change - but all of these people didn't disappear, they didn't go away, they simply got even more disturbed, even more unstable, and ultimately - Much Louder!

This November there will be yet another choice before us. Most Democrat and Progressives have resigned themselves to the fact of lost seats in Congress, and possibly losing control of the House.

But seriously, have you been listening to people in the House lately?

A House Takeover would make John Boehner the Speaker. John Boehner, who never said the Stimulus wouldn't create "One Job" - except for when both Scott Brown and he said Exactly That.

The Guy who thinks the largest economic meltdown since the Great Depressions was just the size of an Ant.

It would elevate the power of Louie Gohmert who thinks that Hamas is sending their songs and daughter here to make babies that will return and KILL US!

It would give More power to these guys who want to Completely Repeal HealthCare... even though they can't do it.

They would replace the current Senate Majority Leader with This Woman - who thinks having a 6 to 1 ratio of unemployed workers to available jobs is simply a sign of Laziness on the part of Job Seekers.

Speaking of "Lazy People" we better not giving handouts to those damn dirty Homeless Vets that Bill O'Reilly still can't find...

It would give More Power to the guys who think Poor BP Has Suffered Enough...

THIS is who we're battling against, THIS who what we Can. Not. Afford to become again. These people CAN NOT be given even more influence, and power over the lives of Americans than they already abuse.


There are NO DEATH PANELS. There are no FEMA CAMPS.

Dems are far from perfect and are disappointing on many levels, particularly in Afghanistan and keeping BP's Neck off the of the people in the Gulf's... But DAMN!

If these people get Subpoena power you can forget about getting Climate and Energy Legislation passed. You can forget about making sure BP cleans up the Gulf and compensates everyone affected by the Spill. You can forget about seriously tackling out defect, or government inefficiencies, or growing our economy or putting people back into goods with decent benefits.

Just FORGET about it.

Congress will turn into the "What Has Cass Sunstien done today" - Conspiracy Theory Circus that Runs every weekday on Fox around 3pm. They might even invite the Beckinator in as an "expert witness" on the Obama Administrations "Crime Incorporated".

I don't know what it's going to take, I don't know why the plain, sad, obviousness of it all doesn't make every one of us shake with rage - why the clear and present threat that these people present to all of our lives and livelihoods doesn't make us all rise as one and scream "NO!!".

But I still hope and pray that it will make some of us vote for the far less obnoxious, but still far from perfect guys this November.

America has to be something better than this...


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