Monday, May 3

How the Tea Party Handles a Racist, Blame Him on Dems

Look, a Tea Party and Conservative Activist/Blogger Adam Sharp actually Found a Racist (who wouldn't deny it) and did what he's supposed to do -- confront him.

But then in his blog post about this video he claims that this guys was a "Democrat Plant" who was there to make the Tea Party look bad... Dude, you really don't need help with that.

I do have to give this guy credit for standing ground against this Nazi Pig - but then he somewhat destroys his own argument when he start to get into "Quien es Mas Christian" fight with the guy and then asks him -

Do you go to Reverend Wrights Church - He's a Racist!

Yeah, ok - ya lost me with that one pal. I think Wright's a self-aggrandizing wackadoodle, but he's not a racist. But even if you assume he is a Racist, he would be more of a so-called Black Nationalist not a Nazi you dipwad.

Nowhere in this video does the admitted Nazi claim to be a Democrat, in fact he challenges the videographer Sharp's own Conservatives Bona Fides by asking if he's a member of the Council of Conservative Citizens?

The CCC has a long linkage with Conservatives and the Republican Party - this is what the ADL says about the them.

The St. Louis-based Council of Conservative Citizens traces its roots directly to the racist, anti-integrationist White Citizens' Councils of the 1950s and 1960s.

Its current leader, attorney Gordon Lee Baum, was an organizer for the WCC and built the Council of Conservative Citizens in part from the old group's mailing lists. Like its predecessor, the CCC inflames fears and resentments, particularly among Southern whites, with regard to black-on-white crime, nonwhite immigration, attacks on the Confederate flag and other issues related to "traditional" Southern culture. Although the group claims not to be racist, its leaders traffic with other white supremacist groups and its publications, Web sites and meetings all promote the purportedly innate superiority of whites. Despite its record, the CCC has been successful in drawing southern politicians to its events: the 1998 revelation that then Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott had been a frequent speaker before the group drew substantial media attention. Mississippi governor Haley Barbour, Mississippi state senators and several state representatives have appeared in recent years.

Sharps post has been picked up and has been spinning around the Wingnut Interwebs including Andrew Breitbart's own where they claim this interlopper was a "Leftist Plant" - because apparently the Conservatives never met a Racist who wasn't a Democrat.

Leftist and racist infiltrators were forced to flee at tea party rallies in St. Louis, San Francisco, Oceanside and Greensboro.

Racist? Yes. Leftists? Not a chance.

Brietbart who has been defending Tea Partiers by announcing a $100,000 reward for anyone with video of Democratic Congressmen being called the "N-Word" - (although Video from ABC News has already confirmed that Barney Frank was called "Faggot")

However at the Tax Day Tea Party Rally, rather than simply calling Rep. Cleaver and Lewis Liars - has decided that maybe they weren't lying, and even if something might have happened They Were ASKING For it!!

At last night’s FreedomWorks Tax Day Tea Party event at the Washington Monument, a sneering and slightly slurry Andrew Breitbart, the right’s new media entrepreneur and sponsor of the anti-ACORN provocateur James O’Keefe, delivered a rant that was at times incoherent and laced with mild profanity.

Breitbart’s overall message seemed to be that the Tea Party crowd has been unfairly described by the mainstream media as racist and violent, when in fact, it’s the “union thugs” who are violent. As for the racism, well, he seemed to say, members of the Congressional Black Caucus sought to provoke racist behavior from Tea Party activists gathered on the Capitol grounds on the day that health-care legislation won final passage.

“I study media,” Breitbart told the crowd. “I pay attention to media, I’ve gone to the circus: I know a trick when I see it. And I see Barney Frank walkin’ around, I see the Congressional Black Caucus, I see Sheila Jackson Lee, taunting with a V-sign. I’m like, ‘What on God’s green earth is happening here?’ A half hour later, you see Nancy Pelosi with a shit-eating grin, holding that gavel. This was a stunt. They wanted to provoke you, my friends.”

Yeah, how dare Barney Frank walk around Capital, it's not like he Works There or anything? How dare Sheila Jackson Lee flash a Peace Sign, clearly she's asking for trouble. How dare Nancy Pelosi SMILE, and hold a Gavel like she's Speaker of the House or something. She and Senator Patty Murray were just asking to receive Death Threats!

And while we at it, how dare John Lewis walk across that bridge in Selma - clearly he was just asking to be nearly beaten to Death - In fact I'll bet he probably wasn't even injured back then where's the VIDEO of it?

And obviously the Freedom Riders were simply begging to be kidnapped and murdered - just like those dirty Liberals at the Unitarian Church in Knoxville Tennesee who were gunned down by James Adkisson just last year.

Yeah, they were all Asking For it.

But then again it didn't really happen did it Andrew since you didn't see it on video. And this out-and-out Nazi Conservative guy didn't show up at a Tea Party - cuz he was just Democrat in disguise.

Yeah, keep telling yourself that Baggers - just keep it up. You might convince each other, but not the 80% of the public that disagrees with you.


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