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The Heart of Liberal Anger

In this video Mike Malloy, who I often consider to be way over the top pretty much lays out the Heart of Liberal Anger - which is focused Laser-Like on Predatory Capitalism.

This is Reason I'm Angry All the Time

I myself am not quite as angry as Mike Malloy, but in this video he does lay out the two visions of America that have been battling each other since it's inception.

America Version A) Is owned and controlled by monied corporate interests, manipulated economically through predatory capitalism and politically through a broken campaign finance system to serve the needs of those interests in direct opposition to the needs of the people.

America Version B) Is one where owning and operating a business is considered an opportunity, a privaledge and a responsibility - not A Right. Workers and Consumers have Rights and are "Persons", Corporations are Not.

Time and time again, Liberals have battled for America Version B - while Conservatives have used Political Stunts and Activist Right-Wing Judges to implement and maintain America Version A. It was Liberals who ended Slavery, back when the Republican party Was predominantly Liberal in the mold of Lincoln. It was Liberals who brought the vote to women. It was Liberals who passed Social Security, Medicare and Civil Rights. Yes, some of these were opposed by Democrats, Conservative Democrats - and supported by Republicans, but those were Liberal Republicans.

Since then those Liberals were driven out of the Republican Party, and many of those Conservative Democrats joined it.

Time and time again, it's been the Conservatives who fought against the expansion of personal liberty, and FOR corporate and business interests. While doing it they've done a ton of name-calling and blame shifting to excuse their cow-towing to the fat cats - even Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was called "Socialist", "Marxist", "Communist" and "America-Hater" - so we know this tact is nothing really new.

I didn't work then and it won't work now.

None of these cheap smears have ever come close to the mark, and never will - they are simply a diversion from the fact that the Conservative wing - of both parties - are nothing more than Corporate shills.

This is why you don't see the Cult of Foxonality and Tea Baggers Marching On Wall Street - you see the AFL-CIO, Micheal Moore and Rage Against the Machine doing it. Where for art thou Baggers?

Liberals, don't Worship Money Like it's a "God".

Anyone remember: "Whose picture do you see here? Render onto Caesar, what is Caesar's..."

At the same time we don't "Hate Business", we simply think they need to be kept in check or else all hell breaks lose. When corporations go unchecked, unmonitored and unregulated the result is chaos, whether it be lead paint in our children's toys, to cars that run but won't stop, oil spills that threaten to coat the entire Gulf, contractors that cover up the drugging and gang rape of their own employees as well as poison and electrocute our soldiers, mercenaries who murder innocent civilians in cold blood on the streets of Baghdad, mines operations that collapse and explode, sick people being cut off from access to health care - simply because they had the temerity to GET SICK and cost an insurance company some cash, to a selfish short-sighted and horrifically GREEDY banking and loan industry that nearly brought our entire country to screeching grinding collapse.

Out of Control Big Business is like a runaway Semi-Trailer on the Interstate with the capacity to kill and maim hundreds before it finally comes to rest - this is why we need to enforce the Rules of the Road, not only to protect all the other cars on the highway (Consumers & Workers) but even to protect the SEMI itself, with clearly posted road signs and speed limits.

It's not "Socialism", it's just plain common sense.

Here's another Liberal, Helen Thomas being grilled by Fox Business on her temerity for daring - to be a LIBERAL.

As Thomas points out - Liberals don't hate Capitalism. (Nor are we "Socialists")

But we also don't think rampant out-of-control capitalism should allowed to grow wild and like a form a Cancer, or else it will kill our nation, and potentially KILL OUR PLANET.

Obama: You should have nothing to fear from financial reform, unless your business model is to BILK people!

Problem is for many companies these days - Bilking People is their ONLY business model. That has to change.

Malloy Says:

How can we stand here with the House on Fire, and not Call the Fire Dept? Don't you know that it'll all burn down?

How? We don't put the Fire out because the people who set the Fire (Big Business) have also bought and paid for complete control of the the Fire Dept (Government) which has the task of trying to save the house, but can't - or won't.

Liberals Don't "Hate America"... we're trying to Save it, we want to PUT The FIRE OUT.

But we can get pretty pissed off at it. When, in the name of corporate and monied interests, America commits Genocide as it did with the native American, it pisses us off. When, in the name of corporate and monied interests, America Enslaves and Exploits it's own People - it pisses us off. When, in the name of corporate and monied interests, America denies equal access to the right to Vote, equal protection in the home and workplace, equal and fair access not to be accosted, searched, harassed, spied on and tortured without probable cause, due process and the writ of habeas corpus - we get pissed off.

Meanwhile the Tea baggers scream about "Liberty" being taken away by "Big Government" - but whose Liberty are we really talking about? The Liberty of any American to see the Doctor of their choice, or the "Liberty" of an Insurance company to take your money and give you BUPKIS for it?

The Only Rights Baggers seem to understand are the 1st Amendment (Right to TALK SHIT) and 2nd (Right to Carry A Gun) - not exactly an inspiring combination. But just ask them - ASK THEM - what's the 4th Amendment? What's the 6th Amendment About? What's the 8th Amendment?

Just for the record those would be protections against the "Unlawful Search and Seizure", "Right to Speedy Trial, Confrontation of Witnesses" and "Cruel and Unusual Treatment".

Now ask them, if they're so concerned about Big Government "Take-Overs" where we're they when the Patriot Act was passed? Where we're they when Gitmo was erected? Where we they during Abu Ghraib? Where we they when Torture was authorized (an even used against American Citizens like Jose Padilla, not just "Foreign Enemy Combatants" - they tortured Americans!)? Where were they when some of those Tortured prisoners Died?

Is that the America that you Baggers Love, one that kidnaps, tortures and murders people that we knew were innocent?

Liberals want America to be BETTER than that.

What is the Bagger answer to Big Corporate Crime? "Let the Free market Decide?"

That would be the same "Free Market" that has elevated Justin Beiber and Lady Gaga to super stardom? The same "Free Market" that let Tobacco companies sell a cancerous additive product to the American public for Decades while lying to us - and Congress - about it?
That would be the "Free Market" that has used it's political influence to neuter Consumer protections via the courts with so-called "Tort Reform".

And isn't it interesting that all the Evolution and Global Warming Deniers seemed to all by 100% Social and Economic Darwinist?

"Simply trust in the invisible hand of the God-Market to take care of everything"

They don't worship Jesus, they only worship Money.

However, LIberals don't hate Money, we Love Money - we love Making Money (Case in point: Hollywood), but NOT if we have to do it by screwing somebody else over.

The truth is that Individual workers and individual consumers don't have the economic power to topple corporate giants when they've used that influnce to rig every element of the game in their favor. They've used their money to continue "business as usual" - even though the house really is burning down.

Sometimes someone as large and BIG as Big Business has to bring them to HEEL, and that can only be a Government (or maybe a Union) that's just a big and powerful as they are.

Liberals think it's time to put the Damn Fire Out, then grab those Business Arsonist by the Scruff of the neck and let them see what real American Justice is all about.

Liberal's don't blindly trust Big Government, far from it, they simply recognize it's something that's sometimes needed to control Big Business.

That's not "Anti-American" - it's the only way to Save America from self-destructing in a blind feeding frenzy of greed!

If Tea Baggers think they're "Angry" over ridiculous phantasms like "Death Panels" - they don't know what Real Anger is over the REAL ISSUES that threaten us all.


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